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2017 Jeep Wrangler vs 2017 GMC Terrain

2017 Jeep Wrangler vs 2017 GMC Terrain


Just because two vehicles are in the same segment of the market doesn't mean they have to be the same or even pretty similar. And for an example of how different two vehicles occupying the same part of the market can be, here we have the 2017 Jeep Wrangler and the 2017 GMC Terrain. Although the Wrangler Unlimited is a midsize, the Terrain is a compact crossover SUV and the Wrangler is a compact SUV, so let's see how they compare to each other.



It's easy to complain that a lot of today's crossovers and SUVs look much the same, and that's because the auto industry can be very unimaginative at times. So, when a new model design proves a hit with buyers, it doesn't take long before plenty of imitators emerge. However, the Jeep Wrangler isn't just a pretty unique look. It's also one of the most iconic designs in the history of the automobile, especially as it can be a pretty rare convertible SUV, and its design is a huge part of its enduring appeal. The GMC Terrain is a very handsome, stylish and aggressive design, but it's hard to look past the Wrangler in the style stakes, so the classic Jeep takes the honours here.



If the styling of these two is poles apart, the differences are perhaps just as apparent when it comes to how they drive. If we're being fair, the Wrangler isn't at the cutting-edge of on-road handling. It's not hard to live with as a daily driver if you buy into the Wrangler vibe, but if you don't take it off-road on at least a fairly regular basis you really will be missing the point. The Wrangler's tough body-on-frame chassis and solid front and rear axles make it one of the most capable off-road vehicles in the world, and there's also some pretty modern technology now that supplements the traditional four-wheel-drive system.


By way of total contrast, the GMC Terrain is ok for a dusty trail or some wet grass if you've specified yours with all-wheel drive. On a normal road though, the carlike underpinnings deliver a smooth, comfortable and thoroughly grown-up driving experience the Wrangler can't match. That's not the point of the Jeep though, so the big fun delivered by the Wrangler makes it the winner here too.




What could come as a big surprise is the fact the interior of the Terrain isn't that much more spacious than the interior of even the standard Wrangler. In fact, the only area where there is a noticeable difference for passengers, other than the Wrangler being a four-seater and not a five-seat like the GMC, is front and rear legroom where the GMC does have an advantage over the Jeep. However, if you're going to need a good amount of room for cargo, the Terrain really is a whole lot more spacious and practical than the Wrangler. Add into the equation some much better fuel-economy ratings for the GMC Terrain than the Jeep Wrangler can get anywhere close to, and it has to be said the GMC is a much more practical option.



The 2017 GMC Terrain is a more practical family vehicle for the daily commute, the school run and trips to the mall, but that's not what you're going to buy a 2017 Jeep Wrangler for. The Wrangler can manage all that day-to-day stuff, but it's more of a lifestyle vehicle that's built to enjoy rather than to serve. If you're genuinely choosing between these two and the Jeep can handle the more mundane tasks you're going to ask of it, you've obviously got room in your life for a vehicle capable of putting a big smile on your face every time you drive it. And that's why you should choose the Jeep Wrangler.


The 2017 Jeep Wrangler is available now from Caledon Chrysler, so get in touch today for more information and to schedule a test drive in this automotive legend.

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