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2018 RAM 1500 vs 2018 GMC Sierra 1500

2018 RAM 1500 vs 2018 GMC Sierra 1500

As people shop for a pickup truck, the inevitable question is asked, "2018 Ram 1500 or 2018 GMC Sierra 1500?" Of course, both Ram trucks and GMC have been around for some time, with established reputations. You've probably heard from different people why one brand is better than another. The best way to make a selection is to look at how the two trucks stack up against each other in various areas. That way, you can decide with confidence, rather than just going off others' opinions.

2018 RAM 1500



Despite sharing many qualities, quite a few differences are present between the Ram 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500. The primary thing shoppers look at is capability, which both trucks have plenty of. Still, knowing where the two diverge can make selecting one to buy more manageable.

You can get some efficient and powerful engines on either truck. Only the Ram 1500 can be had with a turbo diesel option, the 3.0-litre EcoDiesel V-6. That means extreme torque at a peak 420 lb.-ft., plus amazing efficiency all in the same package.

While it might not be the first item to come to mind, a truck's suspension plays a key role in everyday driving, and tackling big jobs. Only the Ram 1500 uses a link coil suspension in the rear. It smooths out the ride, so the back end of the truck doesn't feel choppy, improving comfort for everyone. At the same time, this unique configuration can handle considerable amounts of weight.

An optional four-corner air suspension, something you can't get on the GMC Sierra 1500, adds to the truck's functionality further. When you really load up the bed or hitch an especially heavy trailer, the setup adjusts automatically so the truck rides at an even height. That makes handling, acceleration, and braking more predictable. At highway speeds, the truck automatically lowers, boosting fuel efficiency. You can lower the suspension when loading or unloading items from the bed, facilitating the process.

2018 GMC Sierra 1500

Utilitarian Equipment

Trucks are all about getting things done. Most people buy them to do more than just haul heavy loads and big trailers. Both the Ram 1500 and GMC Sierra come with features that help you do all kinds of jobs day after day.

The Ram 1500 can be outfitted with the innovative RamBox cargo management system. Two compartments in the bed side rails make bringing along all kinds of items possible. Drain holes mean you can throw wet gear inside, or even fill the space with ice and drinks, fish, etc. without worrying. LED lights turn on automatically when you open the lids, so you see everything clearly. What's more, when you lock the doors, these compartments also lock, making for the perfect spot to stash valuables like tools.


Today's pickups come loaded with all kinds of advanced technologies to help the driver. Some even keep everyone else happy and entertained, especially during long drives.

Both trucks come with impressive infotainment centres, but the Ram 1500 has a larger touchscreen. That makes seeing menu items easier, as well as selecting the correct icon each time. The pinch to zoom feature makes finding your way with navigation more practical, too.

Large organizations will appreciate the available Fleet Telematics Module for the Ram 1500. It makes tracking different trucks efficient and simple.

Now that you know the 2018 Ram 1500 comes out on top, come to North York Chrysler and take one for a test drive.

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