If a vehicle's design and styling is modern enough, the manufacturer can sometimes get away without updating it for some considerable time. In fact, if the vehicle is something of a classic like the Jeep Wrangler, or is an overtly retro design like the Dodge Challenger, the body can remain relatively untouched for a decade or more. However, one aspect of today's vehicles that can't get away without being updated on an annual or even more regular basis is the infotainment system. In the case of Fiat Chrysler the system in question is Uconnect, which like its rivals has to be constantly upgraded to keep up with the fast-moving advances of modern infotainment technology. So, here's a look at Uconnect and what it now has to offer for the 2019 model year.


2019 upgrades

Upgrades to an infotainment system are not often as obvious as a new screen, layout or operating system, and that's pretty much the case with Uconnect for 2019. But although the upgrades are somewhat below the surface, anyone who uses infotainment regularly will appreciate just how much has been added to Uconnect this year for 2019 ChryslerDodgeJeep and Ram models.


Uconnect 4C NAV system

The Uconnect 4C NAV system with its 8.4-inch display gets a new Family Drive Alerts feature this year. The new Family Drive Alerts help anyone from a new teen driver to an ageing parent and all those in between. The new feature delivers peace of mind when out and about on the road as vehicle owners are now able to set boundary limits, monitor driving speed and pinpoint the vehicle's location whenever they like by using the Uconnect smartphone app.   


Boundary Alert allows the user to create up to five geo-fence boundaries and an alert will be issued as soon as the vehicle is driven either out of or into a pre-determined geographic boundary. Curfew Alert does what it says by enforcing curfew times, so an instant alert lets the vehicle owner know when the vehicle is being driven at a time outside of the designated curfew time. Speed Alerts promote responsible driving habits because the vehicle owner can set speed parameters and get a notification whenever their vehicle exceeds the pre-set limit. The last of the Family Drive Alerts is Valet Alert, which this time gives owners peace of mind when they hand over the keys of the car to a valet service. When the system is activated an alert is issued to the owner as soon as their vehicle is driven outside a 0.4 km/quarter-mile radius of a drop-off zone.


Amazon Alexa home-to-vehicle Integration

If you have the  Uconnect 4C NAV system in a late 2019 model-year Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram brand vehicle you'll soon find it equipped with Amazon Alexa home-to-vehicle Integration. Alexa is Amazon's voice service that's found in devices such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show, and it provides a set of capabilities referred to as skills enabling users to make voice-activated requests. These commands can include starting the vehicle's engine, locking and unlocking doors, sending navigation instructions to the vehicle, and being able to remotely check fuel and tire pressure levels.


Big screen

A Uconnect fourth-generation system with a massive 12-inch display is now available too, but so far it's only available in the 2019 Ram 1500. It has a configurable touchscreen with tailor-made graphics for various Ram models, state-of-the-art connectivity, easy personalization with a new split-screen mode, a 360-degree Surround View Camera system, and sees the debut of the all-new SiriusXM with 360 L personalized listening experience.


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