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6 warning signs of brakes in need of replacement

6 warning signs of brakes in need of replacement


Anyone who knows more than a thing or two about performance cars and auto racing will know that brakes are as important as a powerful engine when it comes to getting the best times. If anything, brakes working properly are probably even more important for ordinary vehicles doing ordinary things on ordinary roads. For most of us, brake maintenance isn't part of the car care and car maintenance routines we can do ourselves, but that doesn't mean we don't need to know what to look out for so we know when all may not be well with our brakes. So, here are six warning signs of potential car brake problems that may mean brake replacement could be needed.


Brake warning light


It might sound ridiculously obvious to adhere to a warning light, but you'd be amazed how many people see a warning light on their dash and initially assume it's a faulty warning light and not really the problem it's actually trying to warn you about. If a light comes on to warn you about your brakes, get them checked out.


Feel of the wheel


You know how things normally feel when you apply your brakes, so if you brake and something doesn't feel right, there's probably a problem. Any sort of wobbling, scraping or excessive vibration under breaking could be the result of an uneven rotor, so if the symptoms persist, get your brakes checked out. Don't be confused by ABS brakes juddering when braking in slippery conditions though; that's what they're supposed to do.


Unpleasant sounds


Bad noises such as squealing, squeaking or grinding can be a common sign your brake pads wearing out, especially if it stops as soon as you apply the brakes. Brake pad indicators are made of steel so they start to make unpleasant sounds when they start to make contact with the rotor. If you hear a grinding sound and also feel something unusual through the brake pedal, there could be something like a piece of gravel caught in the caliper.


Fluid leaks


If you start to see fluid on the road underneath your car, especially behind your wheels, it could be brake fluid leaking from your master cylinder. If you're also experiencing a soft brake pedal when you're driving, that's another tell-tale sign. Low brake fluid will reduce the amount of power available to apply the brakes, so it has to be sorted as it will only get worse.


Pulling to one side


If one brake caliper is applying more or all the pressure when you're applying the brakes, it will result in your vehicle pulling to one side when you brake. Unbalanced stopping could lead to a spin so could be very dangerous, so don't ignore it.


Burning smells


Like an unusual noise, a sharp, acrid burning smell is a clear sign something's wrong with your car, and it could be any one of a number of things. However, if you find the smell to be particularly noticeable after some repeated hard braking, the chances are it's either overheating brakes or an overheating clutch.

For more information or to make an appointment to have a professional check your brakes out, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today at Caledon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

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