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Best Podcasts For The Drive To Work

Best Podcasts For The Drive To Work


Updated Feb 11, 2022 1:50pm ET
While we certainly shouldn’t text or engage in other forms of digital multitasking when we are behind the wheel, podcasts are an exception to the rule as they are hands-free and less likely to distract us from the road ahead of us. Before you get on the highway in your new CarHub vehicle, consider tuning into some car podcasts on Spotify. We’ve curated our roundup of the best podcasts for car rides. Although some professionals might want to listen to podcasts relevant to their respective fields (for example, a lawn care podcast for a landscaper, or the Primary Care Perspectives podcast for a healthcare professional), others may want to think abstractly and let their minds wander a bit. As long as you don’t take your eyes off the road, a curious brain is definitely a good thing!


Check out some of these podcasts before your next ride, guaranteed to help you arrive at the office with a refreshed mentality, ready to start another day. Please note that these podcasts are not endorsed by CarHub - they are simply popular podcasts at the time of the writing of this article.


1. The Best of Car Talk- NPR


Whether you drive a Dodge or a Daihutsu, you’re likely pretty passionate about cars if you want to hear a podcast about everything automotive service first thing in the morning! Likely, there is NPR’s The Best of Car Talk, where auto mechanics bring their expertise to the table, with a dose of humour to make that morning drive a funny, entertaining one for you!


2. Car Stuff Podcast- Follow on Feedspot


Also a suitable fit for the automotive enthusiast, Car Stuff Podcast is hosted by the Consumer Guide Automotive editors. This informative series explores everything from reviews of new cars to details about cutting edge automotive innovations like electric cars. Recent episodes have explored everything the impact of COVID-19 on car buyers to the carjacking epidemic facing the Ford Mustang Mach-E.


3. Office Ladies


Accompanied by a popular Instagram account boasting 888k followers, Office Ladies is presented by co-hosts Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. If those two names sound wildly familiar to you, it’s because Fischer played everyone’s favourite receptionist, Pam, on the hit sitcom The Office. Meanwhile, her podcast partner in crime Kinsey is best known for bringing Angela Martin from Accounting to life on the show. If you didn’t quite get enough of Pam and Angela during their Dunder Mifflin days on The Office, you can always have an extra dose of these two comediennes on Office Ladies, which promises to keep the fun going. While your own corporate life may be nowhere near as fun as the hijinks from the Dunder Mifflin crowd, at least you can pretend to be one of them during your daily drive!


4. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu


Tom Bilyeu is the 45-year-old multi millionaire entrepreneur behind Quest Nutrition, a successful, billion-dollar line of protein bars, powders and other healthy snacks. In addition to his business, Bilyeu and his wife, Lisa Bilyeu, are the co-founders of Impact Theory, a weekly interview series podcast that discusses achievement, mindset and the importance of impact. Every Tuesday, there are new episodes released, which claim to help listeners “master the universal principles of success” and become their best selves. Previous guests have included Millennial social media marketing agency entrepreneur Steven Bartlett, who is the founder of Social Chain, IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima and Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph.


If you want to head into the job feeling confident and ambitious, Impact Theory is likely a good bet to start your morning on the right note.


5. NPR Planet Money


Everybody wants to do well professionally and financially, which probably explains why you’re cruising to that big meeting in your ride from CarHub, as opposed to sitting at home on the couch. Luckily, Planet Money understands the human need to advance economically, and promises to bring us the latest and greatest on all money matters. Produced by non-profit media organization National Public Radio (NPR), this podcast aims to explain the economy and how it impacts us in our daily lives. Topics covered include subjects like predicting recessions, understanding extended warranties for your phone, unemployment insurance and global poverty.


If you want to learn more about economics and finance, Planet Money promises to pack some important info in an interesting, digestible format that is easy to listen to and understand.


6. Unlocking Us With Brené Brown


As a well-known researcher, professor and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Brené Brown is also recognized for being an empowering female voice to many. If you’re eager to hear the words of a strong woman on your drive to your morning meeting, Unlocking Us just might be your solution. It delves into the human spirit, exploring intimate emotions like heartbreak, vulnerability and much more.


7. Love + Radio


Love + Radio is a longtime podcast, running since 2005 (the very early days of podcasting). Led by director Nick van der Kolk and co-produced by Phil Dmochowski and Steven Jackson, this podcast features in-depth storytelling, inquisitive interviewing and creative, eclectic guests. From a feature episode with glass artist Robert Burch to an episode exclusively featuring cool animal facts (aptly titled the Episode About Animals), there’s a bit of everything when you tune into Love + Radio.


How to listen to podcasts in car without using data?


With our busy, fast-paced and constantly connected lifestyles these days, many of us find ourselves running low on data at times! If you’re enjoying an intriguing podcast on your commute, you might want to tune in without going over your data allocation or paying extra for data overages. Luckily, you can listen to podcasts in the car without using data. The trick is to not stream them- this tends to use a lot of data and can result in those stressful extra charges! Try downloading your podcasts ahead of time while you are in your home or office with WiFi access, so you can avoid streaming while on the go. You can also change your phone settings or podcast player settings to only stream when connected to WiFi. If you have in-car WiFi, you will also enjoy connectivity while on the go, meaning that data usage isn’t a concern while in your vehicle.


How to listen to podcasts through car speakers?


Don’t you just love the magic of car speakers? From blaring your favourite playlist to putting on some feel-good tunes for the kids, speakers certainly make daily driving more enjoyable. If you want to listen to podcasts and make use of your speakers, consider investing in an AUX cable that you can connect from your phone to your car’s stereo system. This way, you can get the best of both worlds- the entertainment of your favourite podcast, easily plugged into your car for the ultimate convenience on your drive to work.


Also, don't forget that sometimes you might want to reduce the noises and focus more on the mental health with a long drive.

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