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BMW Cars: Top 10 Most Searched Questions

BMW Cars: Top 10 Most Searched Questions

Iconic for their headlights and known for their devoted fan base, BMW is without a doubt one of the most popular luxury-brand automakers. Every month there are thousands of search on "BMW used cars", "best BMW used cars deals near me" or "BMW authorized used cars dealership near me". But, in this blog we will answer the top 10 most searched questions about BMW:



  • What does BMW stand for? 

Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH or roughly translated to fit the same acronym, Bavarian Motor (Engine) Works.


  • Who owns BMW?

BMW is part of BMW Group which owns BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce. The current owners of the BMW Group are Susanne Klatten and Stefan Quandt who together make up 50% of the company and the other 50% is owned by public investors.


  • How much is a BMW?

Like any vehicle brand, there is a range of BMW models available at a range of prices. The BMW X1 is the most affordable starting from $42,425 and the most expensive vehicle currently available is the BMW ALPINA B7 Sedan which starts at $174,100. 

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  • Where is BMW made?

There are 3 plants in Germany which is where the majority of BMW vehicles are made. BMW also has factories in Austria, the United States and Mexico.


  • Is BMW German?

Yes, BMW has its origins in Munich, Germany and its main headquarters remains there.


  • Are BMW expensive to maintain?

According to MotorBiscuit and AutomoBlog, BMWs are quite higher than average to maintain and are therefore considered expensive. AutomoBlog states that BMW drivers visit the repair shop twice as often as the industry average and have a higher chance of requiring a severe repair.   


  • How good are BMW diesel engines?

There have been many diesel engines by BMW, some considered better than others. The N47 was a diesel engine used in a variety 1, 3 and 5 series vehicles from 2007 to 2011 and is known for excessive timing chain wear. The M57 which debuted in a 2009 model is known to be fuel efficient, strong and powerful. Your best option would be to research a specific model/engine version you are interested in to understand the reliability of that particular engine.


  • How is BMW socially responsible?

BMW group recognizes the importance of social responsibility, from their own words:

In a world where people and cultures are increasingly connected and, as a result, face new social challenges, it is more important than ever that global companies recognize and embrace their social responsibility. Targeted, sustainable commitment is an integral part of the BMW Group’s identity as a company. In the event of a crisis, the BMW Group also provides swift, situation-specific support to deliver help precisely where it is needed the most; including support for education, road safety, numerous foundations and culture.


  • How much does it cost to maintain a BMW car?

As we’ve already addressed, BMWs are typically above average cost to maintain. Just how much does that equate to? Well of course this will depend on your particular model, new/used BMW car, age and well the vehicle has been and continues to be maintained. For an approximation, according to AutomoBlog, BMW owners should plan to spend $970-$1550 (originally calculated in USD at $750-$1200) per year in maintenance costs. Extended warranties can assist in reducing the ongoing cost of repairing your vehicle and depending on your situation, extended warranties can be purchased straight from the dealer or from a third party. 


  •  What is the Best 3 series BMW to buy?

The biggest factor in deciding the best BMW 3 series for you is your budget. Newer models will have an initial cost that is higher but will most likely have lower ongoing maintenance costs, at least at first (plus you may still be eligible to purchase an extended warranty). You should have a price range in mind before you search for a used BMW car that you is comfortable with - an outright cost and monthly budget - and then begin to look into what your options are from there.


The next most influential deciding factor will be reliability (mixed in with how comfortable you are regarding the age of the vehicle). According to, the E90 (from 2006-2013) has one of the most reliable of the 3 series engines, the N52. They are more affordable than the two more recent iterations but that is because of their age. The two more recent iterations will cost you more initially but are more likely to have less mileage and may even have some warranty left, especially if you go for the G20 option (2019-present).



BONUS Question: what are some tips to buy a used BMW?

Buying a used BMW car comes with similar benefits and concerns to purchasing any pre-owned vehicle. Some specific tips you’ll want to keep in mind are: 

(a) vehicles that have followed the proactive maintenance schedule are more like to be in better condition - because a used BMW car maintenance can be costly, reduce your chances of inheriting a vehicle that requires a lot just to get it to working order - ask if the maintenance history is available.

(b) a well maintained preowned BMW car engine should have a lifetime of up-to/around 300,000 kms - so depending on how long you plan on keeping your vehicle, pay attention to the mileage 

(c) vehicles older than 7 years should especially be checked for electronic issues - check the seat and window adjusters, climate control, Bluetooth, trunk and hood release

(d) as always, you can save yourself a lot of worry by purchasing a used BMW from a reputable dealership who will be responsible for vetting and addressing any issues - one who will be transparent regarding the vehicle history (even including a CARFAX assessment) and help you find the vehicle you want at the price you need.



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-Sharon Pinfold-
Sharon has been in the auto industry since 2005 and has worked both in the Sale and Service Department of various New, Used, Domestic and Import brands.

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