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Car Maintenance Checklist For Road Trips

Car Maintenance Checklist For Road Trips



Thousands of families just like yours will be hitting the road this summer on vacation or to visit family. If you're planning a road trip, regardless which season, you need to make sure your car maintenance is up to date.


For vehicle owners in Bolton, ON and the surrounding area, the car service center at Caledon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can help you keep your vehicle working like new. Here are five car care tips to ensure your road trips are problem-free.


Air Conditioning Inspection

Did you know that your air conditioning loses about 5% of its performance every year in normal conditions? It doesn't take very many years until the difference is noticeable. And if your A/C can't keep up with the soaring summer temperatures, it's going to be a long, uncomfortable trip.


An A/C performance test annually at the onset of summer or the early signs of suboptimal A/C performance can avoid that frustration. 


Oil and Filter Change Service

Everyone knows that an oil and filter change is the best investment you can make for your engine's long-term health. Clean engine oil performs up to 40 percent of your engine's cooling, prevents internal wear, and reduces friction for improved fuel economy.


When you're planning a road trip, check when your oil and filter change will be due next. If your service interval is getting near, schedule a service appointment to have it completed before you leave. You'll save yourself the hassle of finding a short-notice car service center to get it done while you're on the road.


Tire Rotation and Inspection

The only parts of your vehicle that touch the road are your tires, making them your primary safety system for acceleration, braking, and steering. Low tire pressure, low tread, and uneven treadwear can reduce your vehicle's ability to handle safely.


Bring your vehicle to Caledon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for a tire rotation and inspection prior to your road trip. Your tire pressures will be adjusted for optimum handling and wear to keep you safe no matter how many kilometers you'll be driving.


Multipoint Inspection

On a road trip, you don't want any surprises from your vehicle. A multipoint inspection brings to light any maintenance or repairs that are necessary before they become an interruption on your trip. Whether your vehicle is due for a cooling system service, the brake fluid needs to be changed, there's an oil leak, or your battery isn't holding a charge as it should, you can have it dealt with before you put rubber to the road.


Vehicle Detailing

It's more than just a car wash and vacuum, vehicle detailing can keep you safe while you drive. An exterior wash eliminates bugs, dirt, and tree sap from your car's windows and mirrors for better visibility. Cleaning the windows on the interior can prevent light refraction from streaky glass. Plus, driving a clean car from the start will make you feel better about your car's condition altogether.


Are you leaving on a road trip this summer? Schedule a service appointment for routine car maintenance and a checkup beforehand. In Bolton, ON, Caledon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram cares for all makes and models in their professional, knowledgeable car service center. Visit online, in person, or call for an appointment today.

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