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Chrysler Pacifica: Perfect For Kids And Parents

Chrysler Pacifica: Perfect For Kids And Parents

Chrysler Pacifica
Family matters. Parents everywhere are making choices that will impact their children's lives for years to come. While sleepless nights can be enough to distract from the daily pleasures of a young one's firsts, not every decision should keep you up at night. For example, when it comes to comfortable, safe, and practical family transportation, Chrysler's all-new Pacifica minivan is the clear choice for a new generation of moms and dads. 
When Chrysler designed the 2017 Pacifica, it didn't just go with the usual minivan formula. Instead, the automaker worked hard to create something entirely new from the ground up. The result is something that is so amazing, drivers and passengers alike must experience it at our Toronto car dealership.

Chrysler Introduces Communication and Safety Enhancements to its Family Vehicle

Just like participating in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work, setting your family up with a vehicle that takes care of their needs will help with long-term success. Parents need to communicate with their children while on the go. That means facilitating conversations in the car. The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica was designed with that in mind. Noise cancellation comes standard on every model. That means at any speed, drivers and the front passenger can hear those riding on the third row far better, and vice versa.


Not only is the Chrysler Pacifica better for communication, over 100 standard and available safety features are incorporated into the minivan. They leverage some of the latest technologies, making it clear this new model is far removed from the Town & Country or any other minivan modern parents have ever known.
One example is the 360-degree Surround View camera. It provides drivers with angles they normally can't see. This is especially useful when trying to maneuver through tight areas, such as a parking garage, or backing out of a driveway. Other systems help the driver avoid serious situations, including Forward Collision Warning-Plus, Adaptive Cruise Control and a parallel/perpendicular parking assist. 
All Chrysler Pacificas feature the same body structure, which incorporates high-strength steel at key points. This helps with crashworthiness, helping everyone to walk away from an accident. Of course, electronic stability control, ABS brakes and other onboard systems help drivers maintain control and avoid collisions. 
Drivers can pay better attention to their surroundings, thanks to several clever designs that come standard on even the base model of the minivan. While the sophisticated center touchscreen certainly is an option, voice control allows for selecting different menu items without taking a single hand off the steering wheel.

The All New Pacifica Offers Powertrain Options

The wonderfully capable and efficient powertrain for the Pacifica makes getting to destinations a breeze. There are two different setups. One makes use of the award-winning Pentastar V-6 engine, which works with the highly advanced TorqueFlite nine-speed automatic transmission. Engine stop-start technology is also included in the setup. The combination provides brisk acceleration, excellent response and good fuel economy. 
For those who want to enjoy even better efficiency, a plug-in hybrid powertrain is also available. In fact, it marks the first time a hybrid powertrain has been offered for a minivan. The gasoline engine works with two electric motors, which draw their power from a 16-kWh lithium-ion battery. They're part of the groundbreaking electrically variable transmission. For running errands around town, the vehicle can get around solely using electricity, generating no tailpipe emissions. 
Agility is boosted by several key designs. When compared to the Town & Country, the Pacifica has double the torsional rigidity. That translates into better handling through turns. A MacPherson strut for the front suspension aids in taking on any kind of road, including twisty canyons. Chrysler uses aluminum knuckles and control arms, plus high-strength steel linkages as a way to address durability and reduce unsprung weight. To aid with better response for the rear suspension, engineers created a 2-stage bushing for the twist-blade/coil-spring setup. This innovation cycles between being highly stiff for aggressive driving, and softer for greater comfort when cruising. The minivan is also about 250 pounds lighter, boosting braking and other accident-avoidance maneuvers. Everyone will be able to appreciate the mixture of increased driving confidence and a smoother ride.

Keep the Kids Entertained with One of Many Views inside the Pacifica

To help creative minds stay engaged during long trips, Chrysler offers a supreme Uconnect theatre system for the rear seats. Parents can play educational or completely imaginative selections, keeping everyone happy for hours on end. For even more engagement on the go, the two 10-inch touchscreens can be used with educational apps, teaching all kinds of valuable skills from the comfort of a minivan. Also, the little ones can use a travel-tracker app to see just how far away they are from the destination, sparing their mom and dad from the same question fifty times each trip. 
Not all stimulation for kids should come from a screen. Whether driving through open fields, majestic mountain passes, or bustling metropolises, the little ones enjoy a commanding view of their surroundings through the many windows. An available tri-pane panoramic sunroof provides excellent vistas of the sky, towering buildings or whatever else is above, only adding to the entertainment factor. 
Life can be hectic with little ones, and that can lead to a messy interior. Chrysler addresses this very real need with the available Stow 'n Vac. The integrated RIGID vacuum is compact enough to not take up valuable cargo space, plus has a hose that will stretch to the furthest reaches of the cabin for quick cleanup. With this feature, no matter what kinds of messes kids make, moms and dads will be able to make short work of cleaning it up. 
Parents often have their hands full, which is where two other clever features for the Chrysler Pacifica come into play. The available hands-free sliding doors and rear liftgate mean not having to put the baby, bags or anything else down when trying to get into the minivan. It's just one of many ways that the vehicle facilitates real everyday life.

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