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Fortify Your Vehicle: Essential Tips on How to Prevent Car Theft

Fortify Your Vehicle: Essential Tips on How to Prevent Car Theft

Having your car stolen is a nightmare no one wants to face. Along with the time it will take to correspond with the auto insurance company/police, get a replacement vehicle, and deal with all the formalities - there is, of course, the feeling of being violated. Plus, you probably liked your car and cannot help but feel sad for the loss - not just the inconvenience.


A news report from January 2022 confirmed a car is stolen every 48 minutes in Ontario, according to insurance platform While it may never be possible to guarantee car theft prevention, making it difficult for your vehicle to be taken by a car thief is often enough to deter criminals looking for an easy target.


If you’ve read this far, you are probably now wondering: How to prevent cars from being stolen from parking lots or from a home driveway? How to prevent car parts (like batteries, tires, Catalytic Converters) from being stolen?


This blog post offers the best ways to protect your car from theft. Intrigued? Read on.



What's Behind the Surge in Car Theft Rates in Canada?

The surge in car thefts in Canada is being driven by organized crime rings, transforming the nation into a hotspot for stolen vehicles.


Clare O'Hara, reporting on The Decibel podcast, highlights the involvement of criminal networks stealing cars and exporting them, utilizing Canada's waterways, such as the Port of Montreal and Halifax, for transportation in shipping containers. Stolen cars end up in Europe and various global destinations, including South America, Africa, and Australia.


The Most Commonly Stolen Cars

Équité Association's annual list of the Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles reveals a trend towards targeting SUVs produced after 2017. The Honda CR-V from 2016 to 2021 holds the top spot, closely followed by the Lexus RX series from the same period.


The appeal for thieves extends beyond technological vulnerabilities, with the resale value of luxury vehicles being a significant factor. Organized crime rings find these vehicles lucrative, fetching top dollar in illegal markets. Additionally, regional preferences play a role;


For instance: Ford F-350, which are favored by farming communities, are common targets in Alberta and Western Canada.



19 Tips to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

Ensuring your vehicle's safety is more important than ever. Check out these helpful tips to reduce the risk of car theft and keep your cherished possessions secure:


1. Secure Your Vehicle by Locking the Doors

Keep your vehicle safe—make it a habit to lock the car doors. This simple yet crucial step is your first line of defence against potential thieves.


2. Prevent Theft by Taking Your Keys Out of the Vehicle

Thieves are less likely to go for cars in well-lit and visible areas, so don't give them an easy opportunity. Resist leaving your keys in the ignition, making it a breeze for them to drive away. Whether you're quickly running into a store or anywhere else, never leave your car running and unattended.


3. Keep Spare Keys Away from Your Vehicle

Avoid the temptation of leaving a spare key near your car – thieves know all the usual hiding spots. Whenever you step out of your car, make sure to take your keys with you. It's a small but essential habit to keep your vehicle secure.


4. Ensure Windows are Closed to Deter Thieves

Always remember to fully roll up your windows before leaving your car. This simple yet crucial measure not only thwarts sneaky thieves from reaching inside but also presents an additional challenge for anyone attempting unauthorized access.



5. Choose Well-Lit Parking Areas to Enhance Security

Thieves are less likely to go for cars in well-lit and visible areas where people or security cameras can easily spot them. It's a simple choice that adds an extra layer of protection for your vehicle.


6. Boost Security with an Audible Alarm System and Anti-Theft Device

Boost your car's security with an audible alarm system and visible anti-theft tools like steering wheel locks or window etching. Not only do these upgrades discourage potential thieves, but they also provide an additional layer of protection for your vehicle.


7. Protect Your Car with a Vehicle Immobilizer System

Keep your car safe by installing a vehicle immobilizer system. This smart setup, with features like smart keys and kill switches, not only turns off your vehicle but also prevents hotwiring attempts. It's a smart choice to protect your ride from theft.


a-car-with-a-tracking system

8. Enhance Security with a Tracking System Installation

Think about installing a tracking system to speed up the recovery of your vehicle in case of theft. This system emits signals to alert the police or a monitoring service, helping them locate your car swiftly and increasing the chances of its safe return.


9. Avoid Leaving Valuables in Your Parked Car

Make sure to hide valuable items or, even better, just leave them at home. Thieves are often drawn to things they can see, so tuck your valuables into the trunk before you reach your destination.


10. Add Lights Around Your Home

According to Captain Martin Rodriguez from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, well-placed lighting, especially motion detection lights, can be a great deterrent for thieves. It not only startles them but also alerts anyone at home.



11. Get Your Garage for Indoor Parking

Declutter the space, consult with a garage design expert to optimize storage, and install effective storage systems like slat walls, overhead racks, and cabinets. With a well-organized garage, you can enjoy indoor parking while still having room for hobbies like working out or setting up a workshop.


12. Keep Your Garage Doors Closed

Avoid prolonged open garage doors, even with an envy-worthy setup. Despite the temptation to flaunt stylish features, a Thompson’s Company study shows 52% of homeowners desire a garage envied by neighbours.


13. Keep Your Key Fobs and Garage Door Opener protected

Many of us leave our car keys and fobs near our home entry points, whether it's the front door or the garage access. However, thieves have learned to intercept the short-range radio signal used by key fobs, smartphones, and RFID cards. Keep them secure to protect your belongings – invest in a Faraday pouch or box that will protect your keys stored in the house.


14. Be Aware of the Limitations of Modern Vehicle Technology

While technology adds convenience to our lives, it can also become a vulnerability for criminals to exploit, accessing our homes, lives, and vehicles.


Today's vehicles boast safety improvements, fuel efficiency, and comfort features like advanced infotainment and climate systems, making driving more enjoyable.



15. Conceal Belongings Inside Your Car

Avoid leaving spare change, phone chargers, or other seemingly trivial items in your car. Car theft motivations range from organized crime to individuals in need. Making your vehicle less tempting diminishes the likelihood of becoming a target for theft.


16. Safeguard your Vehicle Identification Number

Ever thought about etching your Vehicle Identification Number onto your car's windows? It's not just a practice valued by the police; it adds an extra layer of protection and makes life more challenging for potential thieves. This simple step not only safeguards your vehicle but also makes it a less attractive option for resale.


17. Employ Port Blockers

Install port blockers to protect your car's computer. Thieves can use the vehicle's port to reprogram key fobs and gain control over certain operations. Port blockers act as a safeguard against unauthorized access, ensuring your car's security.


18. Utilize A Steering Wheel Lock

These trusty '80s gadgets are still hanging around because they simply get the job done. It's a wallet-friendly way to deter potential thieves. Once in place, the steering wheel becomes off-limits, turning your car into an unattractive option for would-be intruders.



19. Engage Your Parking Brake

Picture this: a tow truck casually arrives, effortlessly hoists your car, and smoothly drives off, all without anyone batting an eye. It's not just about improperly parked or broken-down cars; tow trucks are also sneaky tools in theft scenarios.


While using your parking brake may not completely thwart tow truck theft, it certainly puts a significant speed bump in their plans.


Types of Anti-Theft Systems

For enhanced vehicle security, consider these anti-theft options:


  • Steering Wheel Lock: A robust choice, making it nearly impossible to steal your car intact.
  • Lug Nuts: Inexpensive and effective, these deter wheel theft.
  • Immobilizer: Ensures the vehicle starts only with the right key, and you can install one if your car doesn't have it.
  • Kill Switch: Strategically placed, it must be activated to start your car, adding an extra layer of protection.



What Should You Do If Your Car is Stolen?

If your vehicle is stolen, follow the steps:


1. Reach Out to The Police

If your car gets stolen, don't waste time—report it to the police right away. Give them all the important info about your car: the year, make, model, colour, license plate number, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The more details, the better chance of getting your car back.


2. Inform Your Insurance Company

Notify your insurance company within 24 hours of the theft. Share the necessary information to initiate the claims process.

While auto theft is less common nowadays, you must remain vigilant.Implementing easy precautions can lower the risk of your car being stolen.



Key Takeaways for Car Security


  • Enhance security with a steering wheel lock, protect your smart key fob, and utilize private garage parking to deter theft.
  • Differentiate between actual cash value (ACV) and replacement vehicle cost policies to ensure full coverage for a new vehicle.
  • Check with your insurance company for security programs. Look for those who offer free installation of anti-theft recovery software for Ontario customers.


Don't Be a Target - Learn How to Protect Your Car Now

Protecting your vehicle against the rising threat of car theft is not just a precautionary measure but a necessity today.


Need a new car because yours was stolen? Looking for a vehicle that has a remote start, immobilizer or car alarm? Check out our extensive inventory of new and used vehicles here and/or reach out to one of our trusted Product Advisors at


At CarHub, we want to provide secure driving experience by offering the latest car theft prevention technology. Drive safely and make CarHub your trusted road companion. Contact us now.


Frequently Asked Questions about Car Theft

1. How can I enhance my car's security?

As mentioned, you can boost car security with a steering wheel lock, tire lock, brake lock, or a hidden kill switch. Parking in a garage adds an extra layer of protection.


2. What are the common activities of car thieves?

Stolen cars may be dismantled for parts, used in other crimes to avoid traceability, or taken simply for show-off purposes.


3. Is a 'Kill Switch' Effective?

The answer is a resounding yes! But make sure it's inconspicuously placed for maximum effectiveness - the purpose is completely defeated if the kill switch is easy to see.


4. Are there Tracking Systems for Car Theft Prevention?

If your car is stolen, report it to the police with essential information, including the VIN and vehicle details. While GPS monitors can help, be aware that skilled thieves may disable them. Despite the challenges, you should make efforts to recover your vehicle. Don't forget to contact your insurance company to discuss theft coverage options.


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