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Jeep Compass Vs Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Compass Vs Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Compass


If you've decided you're in the market for a new compact SUV there are plenty of great models to choose from, but why look any further than Jeep, the company that gave us the SUV in the first place? But even if you want a compact SUV with that world-famous name on the hood you still have more than one model in the range to choose between. If you need something larger than the subcompact Renegade you have the choice between the Jeep Compass and Jeep Cherokee, but what's the difference between these Jeep SUVs? Let's take a look.


Exterior Styling


At the moment it's probably easier to tell the two models apart than its going to be next year. At the moment the Cherokee has a much more distinctive front fascia with lights that deliver quite a squinting look, but the upcoming 2019 model is going to adopt a new front fascia with lights more similar in design to the more conventional ones already found on the Compass. There's also a notable bend in the Jeep signature seven-slat grille that's not replicated at the front of the Compass. The Compass basically looks a lot like a shrunken version of the Grand Cherokee, and the next Cherokee is going to be joining that particular party soon. In the meantime, the Cherokee is definitely the more individual-looking of the two models.




In the simplest of terms the Cherokee is the larger of the two models, especially on the outside. However, if you are looking for a difference big enough to make one Jeep completely distinctive from the other you might have to look elsewhere in the range because these two are pretty close to each other. The Cherokee is almost 23 cm longer than the Compass, the Cherokee is taller, but without the wing mirrors the Compass is actually wider. There's 5 cm of extra legroom in the rear of the Cherokee, but in the front the difference is negligible. But when it comes to cargo capacity a number of the Compass dimensions are slightly more generous than the supposedly larger Cherokee.




Both models share the same standard engine, which is a 2.4-litre four-cylinder producing 184 horsepower. If more power than that is required this is an area where these two really do diverge from each other. With the Compass the four-cylinder is the only option, but the Cherokee has the option of a 3.2-litre V-6 offering up to 271 horsepower and 239 lb.-ft. of torque. Front-wheel drive is standard with both models, but multiple all-wheel drive systems are available.




The Compass is the more affordable of the two Jeeps with prices starting from as little as $25,250 for the Compass Sport with front-wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission. The larger 2018 Cherokee Sport costs from $24,961 at the moment, but that will rise to $29,995 for the better well-equipped 2019 model year version of the Cherokee Sport.


For more information about these and other Jeep models, to find out more about the refreshed 2019 Jeep Cherokee and to arrange a test drive, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at Caledon Chrysler today.


Jeep Cherokee

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