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Jeep Wrangler Ram 1500 And Chrysler Pacifica Best Certified Pre Owned Vehicles

Jeep Wrangler Ram 1500 And Chrysler Pacifica Best Certified Pre Owned Vehicles

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Family Minivan


Vehicle manufacturers and the models they produce shouldn't just be judged on what they're like when they leave the factory. The true test of a vehicle's design and engineering is how it fares when it gets into the real world. FCA must, therefore, have been delighted when Autotrader names three of its models among the Best Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for consumers in this year's annual awards.


Chrysler Pacifica Minivan

One category where an FCA model was always likely to feature was the 10 Best Luxury CPO Cars for 2019, so it was no surprise that the (2017-2018) Chrysler Pacifica made the mark. The Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid reinvented the minivan segment when they were launched only a few short years ago, thanks to their bold styling, incredible levels of versatility, utility, functionality, and the way they drive. With more than 100 safety and security features and being the first electrified vehicle in its segment, the Pacifica could be the one to beat for some time yet.


Jeep Wrangler


Jeep Wrangler SUV

With new and increasingly futuristic SUV designs arriving all the time, there was something comfortingly reassuring about the (2013-2017) Jeep Wrangler making Autotrader's 10 Best CPO Cars for 2019 list again. The combination of its iconic styling and go-anywhere capability make the Wrangler a genuine living legend, and even though we now have a new generation of the Wrangler, demand for these older models is sure to remain strong for many years to come.

Ram 1500 Pickup Truck

Also taking a place on Autotrader's 10 Best CPO Cars for 2019 list along with the Jeep Wrangler was the (2015-2018) Ram 1500. This superb pickup truck is so good, that although we have an all-new model out this year that's genuinely revolutionary with its eTorque mild-hybrid powertrain, the previous generation is still being produced alongside it as the Ram 1500 Classic.
2017 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab 4x4 EcoDiesel


About the awards

With so much focus on awards for brand new vehicles and the very latest models that have just come out, it can be easy to forget what a massive, part pre-owned vehicles play for almost every car dealer. Buyers on limited budgets or just those looking for a great deal realise a model with a few years on its back and a few miles on the clock can represent exceptional value for money. Or, they can be a way of getting a higher spec model for a little less than if they were looking to buy new.


The editors set a $40,000 cap for the 10 Must Shop CPO cars and a higher budget of up to $65,000 for their luxury counterparts.


Brian Moody, Autocar's executive editor, commented: "As more features are added to today's vehicles, new-car prices continue to rise, with even "affordable" models costing as much as $35,000 or $40,000. Our list of "good as new" vehicles can bring the car a consumer wants into the price range they want to pay. These CPO vehicles are thoroughly inspected, covered by warranties and offer the latest designs, making it difficult to even tell the difference between their new car counterparts."


For more information and to test drive the Jeep Wrangler, Ram 1500, Chrysler Pacifica and plenty of other top-quality CPO models, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at Caledon Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, the premier choice dealer for Certified Pre-Owned FCA vehicles in Bolton, ON.

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