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Making Your Purchase Online With CarHub

Making Your Purchase Online With CarHub

Are you ready to purchase a new vehicle through CarHub

Buy Now Button You are always welcome to come into the store and speak to a Product Advisor but if you’d prefer to stay remote, it’s never been easier with CarHub’s Buy Now button. We’ve worked to ensure that your remote purchase is a stress-free and hassle-free experience, with three easy steps toward driving away in your new car.

You’ll find that when you land on your chosen vehicle, either by using our inventory drop-down menu or our search function, the Buy Now button will be conveniently located on the side of the vehicle detail page for you. Click on that and you’ll get the Buy Now pop out that will run you through the steps of purchasing your vehicle remotely. 


1. Register Your Order


The first thing that you’re going to want to do is register your order. You can do that with the Register Your Order button at the top of the popout. That will unfurl a form that will allow you to input all of your information. Once you’ve registered, if you want to step away for whatever reason partway through the process, nothing that you’ve entered will be lost. You’ll be sent an email with a link to the vehicle form so you can easily find your way back to it.

Buy Now Popout



2. Choose Payment


Once you’ve finished registering your order, you can head back to the main pop-out page. From here, you’ll be presented with three easy steps toward purchasing your vehicle. The first is Choose Payment. When you click on this tab you’ll be presented with three options, Finance, Lease and Cash. If you click on the Choose Payment tab, you’ll be presented with a page that will allow you to set your term, payment frequency and add a custom rate or down payment to the criteria. Every item that you input will automatically change the financing rate for you, so you can get a clear understanding of what your finance rate will look like in real-time. If you want to lease, the process is the same. Click on the Lease tab, and you’ll get options to set your term, payment frequency, down payment and annual kilometres. Each item that you input will change your lease rate in real-time.


If you want to pay in cash, you can use the Cash tab to be shown the CarHub price which already includes any manufacturer cash incentives available for that car.


3. Trade-In Tab


If you have a vehicle that you’d like to trade in to offset the cost of your purchase, you can do it with the trade-in tab that is located within the main page of the Buy Now pop-out. If you click on this tab, it will unfurl and you’ll get a form that will allow you to input all of your trade-in vehicle’s details and the tab will give you an estimate of what your trade-in is worth. 


4. Apply For Credit


If you’re interested in a loan, click on the ‘Apply for Credit’ tab. Again, the tab will unfurl and you’ll be presented with a form. Once you fill it out, the process will be set into motion and a CarHub finance professional will work with you to find the perfect financing option for you and your circumstances. 


5. Optional Add-Ons


Then comes the fun part where you get to add a few bells and whistles to your new ride, with the optional add-ons tab. This tab is easily accessed from the pop-out page that hosts any of your purchase options. If you click on this, it will unfurl and you’ll be presented with options for accessories, protections and warranties which are all specific to your chosen vehicle. For instance, say I wanted running boards for my Wrangler, all that I’d have to do is click the ‘add’ button to include this in my purchase. 


6. Make a Deposit


Maybe you’re worried that your dream car is about to get away? You can put those fears to rest! You can easily reserve your vehicle with the Make a Deposit tab. You’ll be presented with two tabs, contact details and payment. Complete the form, make your $500.00 deposit and you’re all set. We won’t process that deposit until we have confirmed with you that you’d like to proceed with the purchase or lease. But you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your new car isn’t going anywhere without you.


Still Have Questions?


Still have questions? No problem! You can contact us at any time to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable Product Advisor who will gladly help guide you through the purchase process.


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