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Mercedes Benz: Top 10 Searched Questions

Mercedes Benz: Top 10 Searched Questions

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That three pointed star, known for innovation, luxury and comfort; few vehicle brands so effortlessly embody the symbol of “making it” like a Mercedes-Benz. Below, we answer the top 10 most searched questions about Mercedes-Benz:


Who owns Mercedes?


The Mercedes-Benz Corporation is part of Daimler AG, also known as the Daimler Group. The Mercedes-Benz Group AG is publicly traded and therefore technically owned by European, U.S. and other international investors with over one billion shares circulating (as of December 2020).


Are Mercedes reliable?


According to the Mercedes-Benz reliability rating is 3.0 out of 5.0 - this is 27th out of 32 brands evaluated. The rating is based by averaging 345 unique models. The average cost and frequency of visits to the service department are above average. Remember, regular maintenance is incredibly important to reduce the chances of very expensive repair work. The Mercedes-Benz is chock full of luxury and performance features and therefore may be considered more expensive to maintain - but certainly can be worth it


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How much is a Mercedes Benz?


The price range of the current (2022) Mercedes-Benz for sale starts at $39,500 for the A-Class sedan and goes up to over $200,000 for a number of models (especially with upgrades and configurations). Like all new vehicles, especially luxury vehicles, depreciation happens the moment you drive off the lot. Typically, the best balance between cost and newness happens around the 2-3 year mark where you can get an excellent used Mercedes-Benz cars for sale in a condition that feels basically new at a much better price.


How to change Mercedes key battery?


The directions for how to change the battery in your key fob will vary depending on the type of key you have. The amount of batteries may also be different. Your first step after identifying what type of key fob you have will be to open the key - once you have done this, replacing the battery is simple.


If you have a Chrome Key:

1. On the bottom of the key you’ll see a silver, square shaped tab - pull this down until releases

2. Once separate, you’ll see a small gap - push the key into the narrow and flat end of the fob in order to open up the cover

3. Take out the old battery and replace it with the new one while being sure to face the battery the appropriate way


If you have a Smart Key:

1. Your key will pull out of the fob by pulling on the latch end

2. Once the key is out, you will see a slot at the end of the key fob

3. To open the battery compartment, you’ll press the key into this slot

4. Remove the old battery and replace it with the new one while being sure to face it the correct way


Of course, if you run into with new/used Mercedes cars problems we at CarHub are here to help - contact us at


Where are Mercedes made?


There are 93 Mercedes-Benz factories in 17 countries over 4 continents. So where your specific Mercedes is made will depend on which vehicle and where you are located. Have a model in mind and want to know exactly where it was made? A quick google search will usually do the trick or feel free to request this information from one of our Product Advisors experts.


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Is Mercedes German?


Mercedes-Benz was founded in Germany and while it now has facilities all over the world, the headquarters remain in Stuttgart, Germany.


Can you change the grill on Mercedes?


Absolutely. There are plenty of OEM and aftermarket grilles available if you want (or need) to change your grille. Generally speaking, it is best to stick with genuine OEM parts as they are specially designed to fit you Mercedes straight from factory.


Are Mercedes cheaper in Europe?


According to, Canada is actually the second least expensive place to purchase a luxury vehicle. Coming second only to the USA. European countries start at number four with the UK, Luxembourg, then Spain and Germany. So while the vehicle is made in Germany and there are many more versions of Mercedes vehicles to choose from, when comparing apples to apples, Canada is actually better priced.


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Can I put regular gas in Mercedes?


NO! Cars that require Premium fuel should always be filled with Premium fuel. Although vehicles now-a-days will not react quite as badly as vehicles of the past regularly filling your vehicle up with regular fuel that requires premium will lead to costly repairs (more than any savings from buying cheaper fuel). However, if you are running out of gas and there is no Premium available, filling up just one time with some regular fuel should not cause any significant issues, as long as you fill up with Premium as soon as possible.


Can I track my Mercedes being built?


In 2017 Mercedes created their Joyful Anticipation campaign with the Mercedes me app - this allowed buyers of a new Mercedes vehicles in Germany to track their car through production (for specific vehicle models being built in specific plants). This service was never extended to Canada nor does it appear to be active anywhere anymore. The Mercedes me app still exists for you to be able to check your vehicle status at any time - but this is only once you’ve taken possession of your Mercedes.


Bonus Question: What are some tips to buy a used Mercedes?


For a full list of tips on how to stay safe while purchasing a used vehicle, check out our other article on the subject:


A couple of quick tips for purchasing a Mercedes specifically:

1. Check online reviews, ratings and most importantly forums to research more deeply the used vehicle you are looking at - different models and years can vary substantially and it is good to find out what current owners have to say about their cars

2. Purchase from a reputable seller. Private sellers or unreliable used car dealers can turn buying a new car into a nightmare. Purchasing from CarHub means having a team of trusted Advisors to support you from research to purchase and beyond.

3. Check out our large inventory of pre-owned Mercedes for sale here:,asc&view=grid&sc=used&mk=Mercedes-Benz


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