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Reasons To Replace Your Drive Belt

Reasons To Replace Your Drive Belt

The drive belts in your car affect everything from air conditioning and power steering to the alternator and water pump. Older cars use separate belts for those things, and newer cars use a single serpentine belt to drive them all.

In either case, belts do wear out over time because of the constant friction, and the fact that they are exposed to contaminants such as grit, salt and water.

The good news if you have a serpentine belt, is that they last a lot longer.  The key to saving yourself from costly repair bills is to ensure you have your driving belt checked at the first sign of trouble.

Signs that your Drive Belt may need to be replaced:

Squealing Sound From The Engine When You Drive
A squealing sound while you drive, especially if it's raining heavily, or when you accelerate, could be a result of water on the belt which is not a big problem, but if it's because of leaking oil, that's something you should have addressed as soon as possible.

Visible Wear on the Belts

drive belt
If there's wear and tear on the belts, it's usually visible before it cau ses problems.

There could be cracks, fraying, splits, areas that appear brittle or slick in spots, and in the case of serpentine belts, missing grooves or places where the layers have separated.

This could potentially be a huge problem if not addressed, so it's wise to have it checked.

Check Engine Light

A Check Engine Light can mean a number of different things.  Among them, it's possible that it's your drive belt giving you that warning.  A broken serpentine belt will result in systems like your alternator, or power steering pump to shut down and your vehicle to overheat.

Power steering performance issues
If your drive belt is severely damaged, it could be very dangerous.  You could suddenly lose power steering.  Preventative maintenance is the only way to ensure you're not caught off-guard.

A/C Performance Issues
While there are several things that could affect your A/C, one of them is a failing drive belt, so it's never a good idea to ignore any problem, no matter how minor it may seem.  You may decide you can live without A/C, but if it's a sign that your drive belt is in trouble, it will be a welcome warning.

Reduced Engine Cooling
One of the things a drive belt does, is keep your engine cool, so a failing belt can result in your car overheating.  Allowing this to repeatedly occur can cause engine damage.

If any of that rings a bell...then give us a shout and let's set up an appointment to check it out for you.

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