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Why You Should Get Your Car Professionally Detailed

Why You Should Get Your Car Professionally Detailed

Updated April 7, 2022 5pm ET

Ah, Spring. The weather gets warmer, the days get longer and you’re told by everyone, everywhere that it’s time to clean. While the instinct may be to ignore the nagging - cleaning your car in the Spring has some definite bonuses - but with all the other things you should also be cleaning, it’s probably best to leave this super important car detailing to the professionals.

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Is Detailing A Car Worth It?


Winter Takes a Toll

The harsh conditions of our Canadian winter months have undoubtedly done a number on your car and it deserves a clean-up to coincide with the change in the air.

Corrosive road salt, abrasive gravel mix and harmful UV rays all take a toll on your car’s clear coat and wear away at the paint underneath. Salt and dirt inevitably get transferred inside your car as well, wreaking havoc on your carpets, mouldings and fabrics. Your car may have been neglected over the winter when cleaning can seem futile as even a short drive sprays all kinds of winter mess around and inside your vehicle.

A thorough deep cleaning and reapplication of the clear coat will protect your investment and give your car an impressive lustre, sure to impress during the Spring thaw.

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Why choose a professional car detailer?


The CarHub Detailing Promise


Our certified professional detailers have built a reputation as being the best detail shop in the GTA for a reason: they care about the end result and they take the time to do the job right. The benefits of coming to our auto spa for car detailing services are endless, but here are a few of the most important reasons to get a full-service auto detailing from us:


  • The products we use are always the right products. Some products may appear to get the job done, but if they’re too harsh, they can damage the surfaces of your car. For example some products are sold to apply shine to the tires or dash, but over time you’ll find that between the product itself and exposure to the sun they eat away at the finish causing irreparable harm.


  • Tree sap and bug remover products can also be harsh and if not used properly can easily cause damage


    • We have expert techniques for getting salt out of carpeting. You’ll be amazed on what it looks like after a professional detailing job


    • Leather can dry out or pigment can be removed if it’s not cleaned properly


    • Some compounds require a light touch or you’ll cause more damage than the issue you had going into it


    • Typically tough to remove stains, like road paint, can be removed without damage efficiently


Other detailing companies may offer similar, even “professional” detailing services - but they will not match the expertise of CarHub with our level of experience and the added bonus of being inside of a dealership where you can relax and wait comfortably for your vehicle to be ready or be shuttled nearby for your convenience.

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What is included in a full car detail?


CarHub Detailing Packages

You can choose from our four, tiered, detailing packages for the solution that is the best fit for your detailing needs. Our packages range from bronze to platinum and offer services that include full interior and exterior cleaning which includes everything from dash wipe-downs to exterior wax application.

If the range of services within our detailing packages doesn’t fit your needs, we also offer custom detailing solutions. Don’t be shy in asking for a detailing service that isn’t listed, such as buffing, scratch touch-ups, stain removal, odor removal, and any other item that may be specific to your vehicle’s needs.

Ask us which are our most popular detailing packages.

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How often should you get a car detailing service?

Of course ultimately this answer relies on a number of factors, driving frequency, weather conditions and personal preference. A pretty good rule of thumb is every 2-4 months - more often if you don’t do regular cleaning maintenance (like wiping down interior surfaces and soaping/rinsing the exterior) and less often if you frequently upkeep the cleanliness of your car at home.

Regardless of whether you professionally clean your car once in a blue moon or on a religious schedule, the Spring is by far the best time to search for “car detailing service near me”.

If you are in the Toronto, North York, Caledon, Mississauga or Brampton area and beyond contact us today to book your car’s Spring clean detailing!

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Sharon Pinfold has been in the automotive industry since 2005. She has worked in the Service Department, Leasing Department and as a New/Used Car Sales Person for domestic, foreign and luxury brands. Most recently, she worked for an Agency that provided digital advertising and website solutions to the automotive sector.




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