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Steering And Driving Safety

Steering And Driving Safety

For most of us, when we hear a strange noise in our car we usually just hope it goes away. There is also the "turn up the radio" strategy, but most experts will tell you that neither is a good, or safe idea. If those noises come from your steering column, it is critical that you pay attention. Of course, there are many different noises you need to listen for and each means something different. Some are more important than others, therefore the experts at the CarHub Service Centre thought it would be a good idea to go through each so can be as informed as possible.

Steering And Driving Safety




There are not many times in life when hearing growling is a good thing. In general, it's a warning sign and that is certainly the case with you steering. If your steering growls when you turn the wheel, your power steering fluid may be low. You may have a leak in the power steering system.




This one can be easy to confuse with other noises so listen carefully. You will hear this while turning at low speeds and it is an indication low power steering fluid.




Of all the noises, a high-pitched squeal is the most connected to steering problems. Unlike other problems, this one isn't as easy to fix by adding fluids. It is an indication that your drive belt is slipping on the power steering unit. Get this looked at immediately, because it can cause you to lose the ability to control your vehicle safely.




A dull or even strong moaning noise when you turn the wheel usually it means that your power steering pump may be about to fail.


Physical Problems


It is also important that you pay attention to how your steering feels. You drive your car every day, so you can tell when something is off. While these "feel" problems often go hand-in-hand with the above noises they are not always linked, so pay attention.


Difficulty in Steering


If you have too much play or looseness in the steering it may indicate worn parts. You might find yourself oversteering as well.


Steering pulling to the left or right


If you quickly let go of the wheel, and your vehicle pulls to the left or right, it is usually one of two things: an out of alignment suspension or uneven tire pressure. Just remember to never test this while driving at higher speeds, in poor weather, or in traffic.


Steering that wobbles


Your tires could be the problem. Go through all your regular tire checks, like tire pressure, balance, and tread wear. You'll often feel very distinct vibrations through the steering wheel. Also, check more on choosing the right tires for your car.


Steering is Heavy


If you are struggling to turn you wheel (much like non-power steering) you may have lost your power steering belt or run out of power steering fluid.


Once you can decide which one of these problems you are experiencing the time is right to speak with a CarHub Specialist immediately. If you want to stay ahead of these problems, we suggest regularly scheduled maintenance visits and checking your power steering fluid once a month.

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