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The Importance Of Balancing And Aligning Your Tires

The Importance Of Balancing And Aligning Your Tires

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Nothing is more important than staying safe on the roads during a Canadian winter. If you've experienced one, then you know the driving conditions can be difficult at best. The key to staying safe is proper car maintenance and safe and healthy tires. At Caledon Chrysler, we work closely with our customers to make sure they have seasonally appropriate tires and that those tires are always in the best possible condition. That's why we wanted to talk about the importance of balancing and aligning your tires when you swap out your seasonal tires. Right now, the end of October and the beginning of November is the perfect time to prepare your vehicle for winter. When you do come into the Service Centre at Caledon Chrysler, it is the perfect time to have a full tire alignment and wheel alignment done on your vehicle. Let's take a closer look at why that is the case.


Wheel and Tire Alignment Basics

Your wheels and tires can easily be knocked out of alignment during everyday driving. Whether you hit a big bump or drive on difficult road surfaces, your wheels and tires, especially the front ones, can either slowly or quickly be put out of alignment. Once your wheels are out of alignment, your fuel efficiency will suffer and it may become more difficult to control your vehicle.


The Importance of Wheel and Tire Alignment and Balancing

Because misaligned wheels and tires can make your car less safe, it is critical to keep on top of this problem year round. If you begin to feel higher levels of vibration in the steering wheel or notice uneven tire wear, your alignment is off. This can easily go from being an annoyance to being a major safety issue during the difficult winter driving season. On top of all of this, proper tire maintenance can also save you from having to constantly spend money on new tires. The only way to truly know if you need tire balancing and alignment is by taking your vehicle to an expert like the ones at Caledon Chrysler. The act of switching out your seasonal tires is a good reminder that balancing and aligning should also occur.


How Caledon Chrysler Can Help

Now that we've established the importance of wheel alignment and balancing, the key becomes finding the right technicians. At Caledon Chrysler, we have years of experience and the right tools and machinery to make sure your tires and wheels are always properly aligned. We suggest bringing in your vehicle for a full inspection before winter hits. If you are short on time, but still need great service, you should check out our exclusive Mopar Express Lane which offers a range of services without having to make an appointment. If you don't have seasonal tires, or just need to replace tires with worn or uneven treads, Caledon Chrysler offers a wide range of the latest name brand tires including Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Firestone, Uniroyal, Dunlop, BF Goodrich, Michelin, General Tire and more. No matter whom you visit for service, please make sure to have your wheels, and tires balanced and aligned when you swap out your seasonal tires. It will keep you, and everyone around you, safe this winter.

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