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The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

Our car can be our best friend if we treat it right. Safe, dependable and always up for an adventure. Who wouldn’t want a best friend like that? Our cars give us so much and all that they ask in return is some attention and car maintenance every few months. 

At CarHub Automotive Group, we want to see our community driving with confidence, in fine-tuned machines that provide them with the level of performance that they deserve. We care about regular car maintenance. And we think that you should too! Our certified technicians would like to highlight a few of the reasons that regular car maintenance could work to benefit you in the long run.  


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Your attention will be rewarded, too. The cost of ignoring the regular maintenance that your car needs could result in costing you more than you bargained for in your initial investment toward car ownership. 


There’s also the inconvenience of an unexpected mishap. A breakdown could derail your plans in a big way. From finding yourself stranded on the side of the road to having to dip into the savings for a major repair, the cost of gambling on the wellness of your vehicle hardly seems worth your time, energy, and money. 




Money’s important and so is your time but they both take a back seat to the necessity for keeping you and your loved ones out of harm's way on the road. Regular maintenance on your vehicle will ensure that none of the wear and tear that the road throws at your car will result in a potentially dangerous mechanical issue. Nobody’s got time for an accident, that’s for sure. 


Fortunately for you, the CarHub Automotive Group’s certified technicians are ready and waiting to make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top condition for all of your trips from A to B. 


So, what’s at stake if you neglect your maintenance duties? We’re glad you asked!  

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Engine Wear


Your engine is a complex machine that is made up of many small components. Each of these components works in perfect conjunction with the other. When the engine becomes dirty or lacks proper lubrication, it will become less efficient. 


Your engine has been tasked with a simple goal, to use combustion to create energy for you. If it is forced to struggle to utilize its moving parts, it will necessarily create less energy output. That means that you’re spending more on fuel with fewer results and a higher risk of internal friction. Internal friction leads to seize-ups and when you become at risk of seize-ups, you are in costly and avoidable terrain. You should get your engine checked every 3500 to 5000 kilometers if you want to keep your vehicle in perfect running condition. 

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Safety Issues


Tires take a lot of punishment out there on the road. They take the brunt of what the elements have to throw at your car and they can be affected as a result. Regular rotation of your tires will prevent uneven wear and regular checkups will give you a sense of whether or not your tires are in need of a swap out. Deteriorated tires that can’t maintain proper pressure risk blowouts, decrease fuel efficiency and decrease performance. 


Your brakes could mean the difference between a close call and a bad time. Brakes can incur incremental wear on their pads that will steadily decrease efficacy, however. A certified technician will be able to tell you when your brake pads need replacing. Efficient and effective tires and brakes could be the two things that make all the difference if you find yourself in a dicey situation that requires a quick stop. Check out more on the guide to buying car tires.


Wear and Tear 


Your vehicle is not as watertight as you may think. Caps and seals often become broken or compromised through wear and tear and as moisture invades the small components of your vehicle, it can cause expansion of parts and/or dilute necessary lubrication. 


Charging systems can also become compromised, as dirt and grime build-up and blocks sensors from doing their jobs properly. A CarHub service technician will be able to assess the necessary cleaning for your charging systems and make sure that the connection ports are clear and free of impediments and able to do their job properly. 


Worn down, dirty, or old spark plugs can misfire and affect the performance of your vehicle and its ability to pass an emissions test. A regular check-up with a CarHub certified technician will ensure that your spark plugs are clean and responsive. 

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Your car has a complex filtering system that can become compromised over time. If your vehicle’s oxygen sensors or airflow monitors are not functioning correctly, they can cause major issues, including allowing too much air in the air/fuel mixture. This could cause your car to be a major polluter that will fail an emissions test. 


A small but important member of your engine’s team is your cabin air filter. A dirty or broken filter could result in your vehicle producing a high hydrocarbon count that will cause you to fail an emissions test and affect the air quality both in and outside of your vehicle. No one wants to breathe polluted air and this is an easily fixable issue with a little help from the CarHub service team. 


Resale Value 


When it comes time to swap out your ride for a new model, you’ll want to be able to show any potential buyers of your current vehicle that you’ve treated it with care and love for the duration of your ownership. If your maintenance records show that you’ve given your vehicle the care that it deserves, the future owner should have the confidence to move forward with the deal in a quick and efficient timeline - which would reduce stress in all parties involved. 

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Wrap Up


Your vehicle will give as much as it receives. If you want a dependable, fine-tuned machine that is capable of accomplishing everything that you ask of it, all that you need to do is maintain a regular service schedule and a periodic rust-proofing.


If you want to give your car what it needs to be the high-functioning, performance-driven machine that it can be, don’t forget to schedule a checkup with a certified service technician every three months at our CarHub North York or Caledon locations. 



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