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The Most Popular Car Colours to Buy in 2022

The Most Popular Car Colours to Buy in 2022

Car colours and prices: we inevitably think about them when buying cars. We print out charts containing car paint colours and look for the most popular car colours. It's not unreasonable because the colour is crucial to the vehicle's value in the future, its maintenance, and even to help you avoid accidents at night. If you are faced with this dilemma, keep reading.


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1. What is the Best Colour to Buy a Car?


It depends on what you mean by the word "best." It can have different meanings regarding safety, resale value, or maintenance. You can choose Pantone's "Very Peri" if you're talking about the latest trend.


Pantone publishes a list of the most popular colours every year. Pantone's 2022 Colour of the Year is "Very Peri," a silky blue with a violet-red tone. The colour features a vibrant, joyous outlook and a lively presence that inspires bold creativity and creative expression.


That's the beauty of having a custom colour painted on your car. While it may cost you a little more than a standard colour, it is definitely worth it.


2. What Colour Car Holds Value Best?


Regardless of what make or model we choose, luxury cars or sports cars, we will decide to sell them at some point. At that time, the depreciation rate and the resale value become extremely important. Car colours play a key role here.
A recent study shows that orange and yellow cars hold their value better than others. According to the study, orange or yellow car owners usually get better offers from dealerships.


Why? Because when buyers look for the "usual" colours like white and black, they have numerous options, which means sellers have less bargaining power. But, since fewer yellow or orange cars are on the market, buyers usually don't have the upper hand and have to pay more.


Car colour trends in 2022 will most likely change very soon. Some unusual colours like yellow, purple and gold may not be so popular, but gray tones will always be popular.


3. What Is the Most Attractive Colour for a Car?


The answer to that differs for everyone because attractiveness is subjective. But if you consider attractive as "popular", then we could say that grayscale colours like white, black, gray, and silver are sold more than others.


As a rule, white comes first. One reason is that white is associated with luxury cars and modern themes. It is also one of the easiest colours to maintain, as it can hide dirt very well compared to other colours. Black is usually the second most popular car colour across all makes and models, followed by gray and silver.


4. Which Colour is Best for Car 2020?


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5. Which Car Colour is the Safest?


When buying a car, safety is the most vital concern, and colour always factors into the equation. The Monash University Research Center investigated the relationship between colour and collision risk. According to their latest report, white is the safest colour. Other safe car colours include:


1. White: A white car has a 12% lower chance of getting into an accident than black vehicles in all weather and light conditions.


2. Yellow: Other drivers can recognize you more easily when you drive in a yellow vehicle. Of course, this car colour is not as popular as white or black.


3. Orange: Driving in an orange car lowers the probability of being involved in an accident. Colours of this type are not commonly found on vehicles, so it stands out for its rarity and good visibility.


4. Gold: It is also one of the safest cars because it is highly visible at night.


6. What Colour Car Looks the Cleanest?


We all lead busy lives, and taking the car wash off the to-do list, can give us some time to relax. You can do just that by choosing colours that look cleaner for longer.


Gray cars are among the most clean-looking cars. It easily hides dirt and grime and looks sharp and clean longer. Gray cars are also easy to clean in hot weather because the windows do not heat up as much as dark colours, reducing the risk of water spots.


Silver cars hide dust better than black and darker shades. They also accumulate less dirt and dust than white cars. Black is among the car colours to avoid if you want your automobile to look clean for a longer period.


White cars often look clean because they hide light dust and dirt better than dark colours. It's a little harder to clean than silver or gray colours because they highlight mud easily.


7. Which Colour is Easiest to Care for?


A low-maintenance colour does not show dirt or highlight dust and mud on the surface. They are the easiest paints to clean because they blend or match the shade of dirt that accumulates on the vehicle's surface. They also help you go to the car wash less often.


Here are some viable options:


Champagne: This colour is similar to gold but has a softer tone. It can easily mix with dust and dirt, making them less noticeable on the vehicle's surface; as a result, a car with this colour is super easy to maintain and looks crisp and clean for a long time.


Gray: Gray is also a low-maintenance colour. It can also help make pollutants less visible, as it resembles the colour of the pollutants.


Silver: Silver is also great for hiding pollutants on the surface of a car. However, it does not hide them as well as champagne and gray. It is also better than white when it comes to hiding mud that piles on lower panels.


8. What Colour Car Should I Get and Why?


It depends on what your priority is regarding the vehicle's colour. If you want to resell the car easily in the next few years, go for neutral colours like black or white. If you're going to sell it at a higher price, even if it takes longer, you can opt for colours like yellow or beige, which have less depreciation than others.


But if you just want a colour that resonates deeply with you and shows who you are as a person, you can choose any colour, even if it's something like gold, brown, or purple, which lose more value than others.


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9. Which Colour Cars Are Most Sold in Canada?


Reader's Digest reports that despite all the vibrant colours available on the market, Canadian car owners still prefer to blend in with the crowd rather than stand out. A survey of leading automakers in Canada, such as Hyundai, Lexus, and Kia, showed that their best-selling & popular car colours are either white or black.


Jeep Wrangler is one of the hottest cars out there that has been really popular in black, gray and white. But, the Grand Cherokee shows off quite attractive in white, walnut, and velvet red.


Dodge Charger is amazingly popular in black and red while white is a distant third option. As for Dodge Challenger, red, blue, and orange are considered classics and are always high in demand.


Despite its rugged look, the most popular for Ram in 2022 is orange, compared to last year's candy red. Both are in demand among drivers who're not afraid of being different!


Plus, some high-end models like the Limited Longhorn come with two-tone paint jobs. Meanwhile, gray and white stand out as the most popular car colours for Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Caravan.


10. How Do You Decide on Which Car Colour When Buying?


Before deciding on a car colour, you need to figure out what you want. If resale value is essential to you, then yellow is a solid choice. If you don't like to have problems selling the car, you should choose white, black, gray or silver. Gray and silver are good choices for those who do not want to go to the car wash too often.


E Ink's Colour Changing Wrap: A Revolution


It's not easy to decide on a colour and stick with it. Every one of us has wished that there was a magic button that would allow you to change the colour of your car in the blink of an eye. It seems that this dream is closer to reality than we think.


BMW recently unveiled the stunning colour-changing wrap for its new BMW iX Flow model at CES 2022. E Ink invented the wrap; it uses digitization to change the colour of the exterior and the interior atmosphere according to the driver's preferences.


With the help of electrophoretic technology, the vehicle's surface is stimulated by electric signals that change the colour pigments on the exterior and show a different colour. One of the primary benefits of the wrap is that you can change the surface colour to white on sunny days, which reflects more sunlight and prevent the car from heating up too much.


Bottom Line


When choosing a popular car colour, there is no clear option. Ultimately, it is a matter of preference. But regardless of the car's colour, make, or model, you need a reliable, affordable service center that can provide you with any service you need and give you peace of mind. That's exactly what we do here at CarHub. If you would like more information, please contact us.


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