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Tips For Car Air Conditioning Care

Tips For Car Air Conditioning Care

Keeping your vehicle's air conditioning system in top shape has many benefits. First and foremost, if your air conditioning is working properly, you and your family will stay comfortable during the summer months and any other time the temperature rises. It is also helpful to increase visibility by both demisting and defogging your windows. However you use your air conditioning, it is important that it is ready to work at full power when you need it the most. At CarHub, the experts in our Service Centre thought it would be helpful to tell our customers in and around Toronto, how they can keep their air conditioning system running at peak performance all year long.

Tips For Car Air Conditioning Care
If you want to know if your air conditioning is functioning properly, the first step is quite easy, just turn it on. What comes next will dictate whether things are ok, or if you need to see the professionals at North York Chrysler for help.

Amount of Air Coming Out of the Vents

If you turn on your system and there isn't any air blowing from your vents, you may have a broken blower motor or maybe just an electrical circuit problem. Clearly, this is a problem, but the solution may be as simple as replacing a blown fuse or it might be something more serious. Either way, you need to have a specialist in our Service Centre take a closer look.

Level of Cooling

If air is coming out of the vents but it just doesn't seem to be getting cool, then there are a few steps you can take. First, look under the hood, because debris or leaves can easily gather around the air conditioning intake and block the flow of air to the cooling system. Just remove the loose leaves either by hand or with water and try the system again. If this doesn't help then you may be looking at a major problem including low refrigerant levels or even a failing compressor or compressor clutch. Only a service expert can diagnose and repair these problems.

Pooling Water Near You Feet

It should be clear that standing water inside your vehicle is never a good thing, but in this case, it can be a sign that there is a blockage or leak in your air conditioning drainage system. Get it check right away.

Stale or Musty Air

Much, as with your home air conditioning system, stale or musty air is a warning sign. If the offending smells only occur when your vehicle's air conditioning is running, the odds are good that there is an allergen (fungus or pollen) growing in the system. If you don't remove these allergens they tend to multiply rapidly and they can become a danger to you and your passengers. To avoid breathing problems, you should see a service specialist as soon as possible. If the smell occurs even when the air conditioning is off, then you should check for leaks.

Unusual Noises

If you turn on your air conditioning system and you hear a screeching noise then there are several possibilities. It could be a slipping belt or a seized compressor or a compressor clutch. Again, this is not a problem you should handle without a professional.

If you experience any of these problems with your air conditioning system, we suggest you contact the Service Centre at CarHub. Our service experts are here Monday-Saturday and making an appointment is as easy as visiting our website.

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