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RAM Trucks: 10 Most Searched Questions

RAM Trucks: 10 Most Searched Questions

Have questions about the RAM brand of trucks? Here’s your cheat sheet! Find below answers to the top 10 most searched questions about RAM:



How much is a RAM truck?

RAM has a wide range in price as they have a huge range in features. The 2021 RAM 1500 Classic starts at $37,190 MSRP before any special offers/discounts. To get accurate pricing, including current special offers, check in with one of our Product Advisors at CarHub for the RAM that best suits your needs.




Why are trucks from RAM so cheap?

It’s no secret that these trucks from RAM are the most affordable in the market. They are substantially better priced than their North American competitors and have the best pricing in the whole class. Don’t let this fool you into thinking they’re lacking in any way though - they stand up to and beat their competition, not just in price but in power and quality - check out some of our RAM truck comparison articles for more details. 


Perhaps the better question is, “why are the others so overpriced?”



Are RAM trucks still made by Dodge? 

Does Dodge still own RAM?

RAM used to be a model under the Dodge brand. The move from model name to make came in 2009. The trucks are still a part of the same automaker. The change in name was designed to separate the two brands so they could focus on their specific model specialties.


How long is a RAM 1500 Crew Cab?

The length of the 2021 RAM 1500 Crew is 5814 mm (228.9 inches)


Where are RAM 1500 trucks built?

They are built in one of two North American facilities: Warren Truck Assembly, Warren, Michigan in the USA or Saltillo Truck Assembly, Saltillo in Mexico.


Where are RAM 3500 trucks made?

All RAM 3500 are built in the Saltillo Truck Assembly plant in Mexico.




Are RAM 2500 good trucks?

The short answer: well of course! 


Motortrend states, “simply put, the heavy duty Ram is the best truck in its segment and one of the best trucks on the market” and then considering the price advantage over its North American competitors, the RAM is even more appealing.  For a more comprehensive look at the RAM 2500 visit:


Do RAM trucks hold their value?

The short answer: yes - even better than their most direct competitor, the Ford F-150.


According to, the RAM has a quick loss in resale immediately after purchase, but then it slows substantially, allowing the RAM to hold 57.5% of it’s value after the first 5 years.


Do these trucks last?

RAM, if maintained appropriately should last upwards of 480,000km (or 300,000 miles). While the reliability and life expectancy of your car has a variety of factors, the RAM legacy, past and present, is filled with incredible examples of well used trucks living long, fulfilling lives. Like any vehicle, there will be the naysayers or those that had less than positive experiences with their RAM - however there are far more examples of happy RAM owners that enjoyed their trucks for many km and years. 

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