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Unveiling the Finest Car Gadgets and Accessories

Unveiling the Finest Car Gadgets and Accessories

The automotive industry never rests on its laurels. Consumers want too much, competition is too serious, and there is just too much fun to be had for car manufacturers to sit back instead of creating new and used interesting car additives.

CarHub keeps an eye on what's new and exciting when it comes to car accessories. Because you're busy and keeping up with cars is probably more of a hobby than a job for you (it's both for us), we've compiled a short list of some exciting new car products on the way.

50 Must-Have Innovative Car Gadgets

Find out how these cutting-edge car gadgets can turn even the most boring drives into exciting adventures.

1. Ditch-The-Cord Charging Pads

Charge pads for your car are likely to be a new idea that comes out soon. Though it sounds a little bit outlandish, it's the same as the cell phone charging pad built into many new or used cars today, just bigger. The idea is the same: just put the battery on the charging pad and let it charge; no cables are required.

2. A New Kind of Sunroof

The solar roof continues the long-overdue green revolution in the car sector. Though charging stations and electric cars are a start in the right direction, they still need to use our overloaded electrical grid. So, why not take use of one of the earth's most valuable natural resources? Seems obvious, doesn't it? The reasoning is so good that it's amazing that it took this long. That is correct; we are talking about solar-powered car roofs.


3. No Keys, No Worries

As Bluetooth technology has become common in vehicles, starting your car with your cell phone or wristwatch is no longer so farfetched. It isn't so absurd that Apple included the capability directly in its newest iOS. Once your phone has been designated as your car's digital key, you may remove the fob and keys altogether.

4. HAL For Your Home (and Car)

General Motors and Cadillac have previously cooperated with Amazon to enable consumers to control Amazon Alexa from their vehicles. Your car becomes the conduit for your requests, and Alexa joins you for the journey. Want to switch on the lights before you get home? You can.

5. Real-Time Road Warnings

GPS features will continue to influence how we drive in the future, with real-time information transmitted regarding road conditions. For example, hitting a hazardous patch of black ice will become a thing of the past as GPS automatic sensors send new streams of information capable of telling you what the road ahead contains.


6. GPS Vehicle Tracker & Diagnostics Tool

This high-tech car gadget stands out from other GPS trackers on the market because it is integrated into the Vivint Car Guard, which means it can turn on the lights when the car arrives home, activate outdoor security cameras and record video if somebody disturbs the car while it is in your driveway, and automatically open/close the garage door.

7. 4K Dash Camera

Feeling secure is always critical to your driving experience, so a dashcam is one of the greatest car gadgets to purchase. In addition to recording entertaining videos of you and your friends on a road trip, they may be crucial in the case of an accident, providing proof to law police and insurance companies.


8. A Set of Drop Stop Gap Fillers

This set of drops stop gap fillers will keep your phone from falling into the space between your seat and the console. Plus, you'll never have to give up a french fry (or a bunch) to the gap again.

9. Car Air Purifier

Philips GoPure Compact removes smells and purifies the air inside your car. This high-end automotive air purifier is sleek, modern, and easy to install. It employs a three-layer filtering system to remove up to 99% of dangerous germs, gasses, smoke, and odors from the cabin. It also has an integrated air-particle sensor that displays current air quality.

10. Head-up Display

This head-up display, which uses 3D reflection technology, provides immediate access to critical trip data such as fuel usage, battery voltage, and oil temperature, as well as a series of alerts for things like exceeding the speed limit and engine faults.


11. Travel Mug

It's an improved version of the Carter Move Mug with Slide-lock lid. It fits perfectly in any car's cup holder and has a lid that moves open with the flick of a thumb. Because its walls are double vacuum-sealed, it keeps your drink cold for six hours.

12. Roof Box

A unique roof box is one of those cool car gadgets that can't be missed. The Yakima GrandTour 16 has 16 cubic feet of space, which is enough for all of your family's stuff on the next big road trip, even snowboards and skis up to 185 cm long.

13. Wireless Air Vent Charging Mount

This stylish magnetic car mount from iOttie is made to work with MagSafe-compatible iPhones and cases. It's easy to put your phone in and take it out with one hand, and it has a built-in ventilation system to keep air flowing and heat away. It's small, but it can charge quickly wirelessly up to 7.5W.

14. Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Nonda's newest in-car gadget, ZUS, allows you to monitor tire pressure in real time using your cell phone. With its innovative AccuTemp Algorithm, the smart tire safety monitor identifies slow leaks before they become a problem. It also has an anti-theft locking mechanism and a built-in USB connection for charging other gadgets.


15. 3-in-1 Car Battery Jump Starter

This 1000-amp device has a durable, compact form and unique safety technology that guarantees spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection. It is compatible with gasoline engines up to 6-liters and diesel engines up to 3-liters, boats, lawnmowers, and other applications.


16. Sunglasses Visor Clip

If your car does not come with a built-in sun visor sunglass holder, it might be worthwhile to get one yourself. This Dualshine Car Visor Sunglasses Holder, wrapped in leather and equipped with a built-in sponge, performs an outstanding job of keeping your sunglasses/eye-glasses scratch-free, accessible, and securely kept on the road.


17. Car Mini Fridge & Warmer

This mini-fridge, which holds six 12 oz. cans, is small enough to sit on top of the armrest in your backseat but strong enough to keep your snacks and drinks cold (or warm) to your destination while attached to the cigarette lighter.

18. Inflatable Car Bed

Luno Air Mattress will make long car trips more comfortable. This inflatable bed, which is compatible with over 1,800 vehicle models, allows you to convert your car's back seat into a luxurious bed for camping travel or when sleepy. The kit also contains:

  • two base extenders, a repair patch
  • 12V air pump
  • carrying case


19. Heavy-duty Multi-Tool

A multitool is a must-have car equipment. Leatherman Surge has excellent build quality, full-size tools, and limitless utility. This workhorse is made entirely of stainless steel and includes:

  • Extra-large scissors
  • Full-size knife blades
  • Replacement wire cutters
  • Robust pliers
  • A variety of tiny and big screwdrivers

20. Hardshell Roof Tent

As the biggest and most comfortable hardshell rooftop tent on the market, this smart car add-on installs in less than a minute on SUVs and other large cars and can comfortably sleep two adults and two children in any weather condition.

21. Car Swivel Tray & Storage Bin

If you used to spend a lot of time in your car, you'll likely need to eat, drink, and work while on the go. The Car Swivel Tray and Storage Bin pivots back and forth between driver and passenger, which makes it simple for everyone to take a snack while driving or to store what they need close at hand.

22. Car First Aid Kit

Whether you're taking a relaxing drive to the beach or a long journey to another country, having a first aid kit in your car is necessary in case of an emergency. This kit from My Medic, built in partnership with Popular Mechanics, includes both medical supplies and survival equipment in a small, robust carrying bag weighing 2.4 pounds.


23. Chair Cushion

Introducing a highly comfy memory foam chair cushion that your back and bottom will much enjoy on those long drives. No more discomfort throughout your journey.

24. Magnetic Phone Mount</a

Clip the magnetic base into your vent, apply the sticker to the back of your phone (or put it in the case), and you're good to go! Just make sure you check your vents before purchase. Anything too low would take your phone out of your line of sight, which is undesirable if you're using it as a GPS.

25. Carpet Spot Remover

It works on any colorfast material which can be safely dampened with water, which likely includes all types of vehicle upholstery except leather. While you're at it, check into additional cleaning products that provide professional results.

26. Hanging Diffuser

A captivating hanging diffuser that will make your car smell like a spa on wheels. Choose from distinctive and seasonal perfumes and ready to amaze your passengers.

27. Escape Tracks

Discover lightweight and sturdy escape tracks, which are important for moving through snow or mud if your car gets stuck. These strong tools offer reliable traction, helping you to remove the car easily and resume your trip without interruption.


28.Blind Spot Mirror

A blind spot mirror is intended to help you merge more securely and keep an eye on areas that are often out of sight. There is no bezel to take up room when the rearview mirror is already so small, and you'll need all the space you can get. The angle is also adjustable.

29. Portable Car Desk/Tray Combo

Introducing a portable car desk/tray combination for convenient meals and work on the road. Say goodbye to uncomfortable seating arrangements: with this practical solution, you can eat and work in the comfort of your own car.

30. Alexa-Enabled Car Charge

Anker's Roav VIVA allows you to integrate Amazon's intelligent voice service into your car. This dual-port USB gadget, the first Alexa-enabled vehicle charger, fits into your cigarette lighter to charge your staff while simultaneously providing access to over 25,000 Alexa skills.


31. Tiny Trashcan

A tiny trashcan that fits perfectly in your car's cup holder, which allows you to avoid throwing trash into the unexplored depths of your vehicle. The push portion is on a spring, so it remains closed when you're not pressing it, and it fits nicely in our vehicle's cup holders.

32. Cordless Vacuum

An electric vacuum that does not need a cable to clean all of those annoying stuff that you just can't seem to get out of your car. It is a very effective vacuum cleaner.

33. Windshield Cover

A windshield cover eliminates everyone's favorite winter task: standing in the cold for far too long, scrape ice and snow from your windshield before each trip. The shield cover is designed with straps that hang down and connect to your vehicle's wheels for a secure and tight fit.


34. Handy Cleaning Putty

A handy cleaning putty that saves you money every time a car must be cleaned. This little gadget can make its way into all the nooks and crannies of your car, picking up dirt, dust, and debris before leaving your setup looking spotless.

35. Cable Clips

A bundle of six wire clips so you don't have to pick between being focused on the road and searching for your charger, which has managed to place itself just out of reach.

36. Stick-on Shade

A stick-on shade to protect your eyes and keep your car cool despite the relentless heat. These work well. With a newly cleaned window, they stick quickly.

37. Expandable Hanger Bar

An expandable hanging bar for those who use their backseat as a portable wardrobe. It was so much easier to put our already hung clothing onto this and drive it over in loads than to take everything off hangers, store it, and then rehang it.

38. Pocket-sized Tile Mate

A pocket-sized Tile Mate would have come in useful if you lost your keys, wallet, or anything else you are prone to lose. Simply attach it to the item of your choosing, and the next time you can't locate it, you'll be able to use the Tile app on your smartphone to make your lost item ring until you track it down.

39. Two USB Car Charger

A sleek two-USB vehicle charger that fits right into your cigarette lighter, since at this moment, at least half of a car's attraction is like a huge travelling phone charger. The metal casing gives it a more robust feel than the plastic ones.



40. A Travel Road Kit

A travel road kit will ensure that if calamity strikes suddenly, you are fully equipped with all necessary emergency supplies. The kit contains first-aid materials such as:

  • a jumper cables
  • a flashlight
  • a screwdriver
  • duct tape
  • bungee rope
  • shop cloth
  • six cable ties
  • two double A batteries
  • emergency poncho

41. Set of Groovy Interior LED Car Lights

A pair of cool interior LED car lights for that additional razzle dazzle when driving at night. There are four sections in total: two in the front, one on each side, and two below the front seats, looking toward the rear so the back seats can also see them.

42. Keychain Car Escape Tool

A small car escape tool that can cut through seat belts and break windows because you should always be ready, even if you hope you never need it. If you find yourself stuck in your own car, this will save your life as it will stay tied to your keys in the ignition, making it easy for you to get to.

43. Easy-to-use Digital Tire Inflator

You can use this automatic tire inflator that is easy to use when your car makes that annoying noise that tells you your tire pressure is low. Fortunately, this thing plugs right into the wall in your car and comes with accessories for pumping up bike tires, air beds, balls, balloons, and more.

44. Scratch Remover

A scratch remover, so the next time your parking lot neighbor isn't the most graceful driver, you won't have to spend a small amount on an inexpensive makeover.


45. Automatic Car Tent

This car tent form is simple to set up and take down with a single click of the provided remote, and it fits most cars, including motorbikes, sedans, dune buggies, SUVs, minivans, and trucks. Lanmodo also sells various suitable accessories, such as extra flaps to make a spacious camping tent for seven people or a stand to convert it into an umbrella for sunny or rainy days out with friends and family.

46. Storage Net Barrier

A storage net barrier for anybody with a huge and in-charge fur baby who likes being in charge in places where they are not intended to be: the driver's seat. This will keep your dog from preventing your sight while also providing additional storage space for groceries and on-the-go necessities.

47. A Cupholder Adapter

A cupholder adapter because your massive Hydro Flask water bottle and Yeti coffee mug need somewhere to call home that is *not* the floor of your car, where they spill and roll into the never-ending abyss underneath the passenger seat.

48. Car Trunk Organizer

A three-pocket foldable car trunk organizer for those whose trunks have sunk into total chaos. Strong Velcro secures it while driving, and it also folds down for simple storage when not in use.



49. Reinforced Pet Car Seat

If your little dog is stressed about slipping and sliding all over the car, consider a reinforced pet car seat. This strapped-in pen provides additional protection and a comfortable place to snuggle up and catch some z's. The instructions on Amazon pictures were clear and easy to install.


50. A Lint-free Car Duster

People swear by lint-free car dusters, and you will as well keep your car bright and dust-free regularly. The Ultimate Car Duster is highly efficient at removing dust while being gentle on the paint. If you have a larger car, go with the large size with an extension handle; it's worth it.

Upgrade Your Driving Experience Today - Explore the Latest Car Gadgets and Accessories Now

There you have it, some of the fun innovations on the horizon in the automotive world. Want to know what new and exciting changes are in store for the CarHub community? Simply schedule an appointment with a CarHub Product Advisor now to learn all you need to know about what's new and interesting in the automotive industry.

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