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Why servicing your car at a dealership is important

Why servicing your car at a dealership is important


Most of us today are aware of just how important it is for car safety to get vehicles serviced correctly and at specific times, but whether to use a dealership or an independent service centre is often a point of some contention. You may be able to find a cheaper car service at an independent service centre, but here are some of the reasons why entrusting your major car maintenance to a dealership service is so important.


Genuine parts

Modern cars are more advanced, complicated and often more powerful than they've ever been, and that means having exactly the right parts all doing their specific jobs is crucial to the long-term health of your vehicle. By using a main dealership for your servicing needs, you can rest easy in the knowledge that genuine, original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) will always be used. That means those components will be exactly the same as those they are replacing that were originally fitted when the car was built on the production line.


Certified Technicians

Today's cars are incredibly complex machines these days, so anyone that's going to be working on them really does have to have specific knowledge about that make and model. The only way to be completely sure the technicians you've entrusted your car to will have all the most up-to-date knowledge is to use the dealership. That's because those technicians will have to be manufacturer-certified, and have all the latest cutting-edge equipment at their disposal, as it will be in the dealer standards laid down by the manufacturer in the franchise agreement.


Highest levels of customer service

You might or might not be properly aware of it, but major automakers have incredibly strict conditions in their franchise agreements with dealerships about how they look after their customers. Customer satisfaction is the absolute top priority for main dealerships, and it's an area of performance that's measured and monitored meticulously in most cases, especially as far as the service department is concerned. An independent shop is highly unlikely to have such a keen focus and in-depth reporting on how its customers feel they have been treated, and that's why you're much more likely to be looked after to the highest standards by a main dealer.


Facilities available

Dealership have to invest a lot of money to meet manufacturer standards, which means considerable resources are deployed that can make a big difference when it comes to getting the best possible customer service and overall experience. This will be evident with the amount of bays and technicians available to cope with demand, and the quality of equipment available for dealing with any job that comes through the door. A dealership will also have better facilities in the customer waiting areas, and manufacturers insist on dealers having an outstanding fleet of current loaner vehicles for customer use while their vehicles are being worked on.


Benefits of loyalty

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