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At CarHub we make selling your car an easy, stress-free experience. Whether you want to focus on the fact that our reputation for excellence has made us a favourite for drivers who have sold and purchased their vehicles here, or the fact that we make fair and honest offers, there are tons of reasons to choose us.

Looking to trade in your Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM or any other vehicle? CarHub offers the best trade-in options to help you upgrade your vehicle.

  • Easy trade-in process
  • Clear and transparent evaluations
  • Competitive offers
  • Wide range of vehicles to choose from


Many factors can affect the value of a trade-in from colour and modifications to damage, gaps in service history and number of previous owners. That said, you can get a good idea of what your car is worth by filling out this short questionnaire. Get the best value for your trade-in today and Drive Happy in a new car from CarHub. Apply now at one of our 2 stores with the forms here.

Join us today and let us work together to get you the best deal for your used vehicle.

Trade In Your Vehicle @ CarHub North York Chrysler

    Sell Us Your Vehicle

    Trade In Your Vehicle @ CarHub Caledon Chrysler

      Sell Us Your Vehicle


      Selling Or Trading-in | How It Works

      Here’s how our easy Trade in process works:

      • Get Your Car’s Value: Fill out a quick questionnaire to determine the worth of your vehicle.
      • Receive Transparent Offers: Our fair and honest approach ensures you receive an offer reflecting your vehicle's true value.
      • Secure the Best Deal: After getting the trade-in value of your car, you can now choose and secure the best deal for your used vehicle.

        We value your time, and your satisfaction is second to none. That’s why we created a process that guarantees a smooth experience customized to meet your specific needs.

        Choose CarHub for the Best Trade In Car Experience in Town

        If you'd like to speed up the process, take detailed photos of your trade-in and once you've connected with one of our Product Advisors, you can send the images to them for a quick assessment of your vehicle's value in advance. It will ensure a smooth way to initiate the trade-in process. We aim to provide a hassle-free experience from the initial evaluation to the finalization of the sale. Call CarHub if you're interested in trading in your car today!

        Choose Your Upgrade: Select Where to Trade-In from our Stores

        Ready to upgrade? Explore our convenient trade-in options at CarHub North York Chrysler and CarHub Caledon Chrysler:

        Trade In Your Vehicle @ CarHub North York Chrysler

        Visit our North York location to trade in your vehicle. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the best option for your upgrade. Trade In your car now at North York!

        Trade In Your Vehicle @ CarHub Caledon Chrysler

        Or if Caledon is more convenient for you, our Bolton store offers a hassle-free experience for trading in your vehicle. Feel free to explore your upgrade options at this location. Trade in your car now.

        Trade In Your Vehicle @ CarHub North York Chrysler

          Sell Us Your Vehicle

          Trade In Your Vehicle @ CarHub Caledon Chrysler

            Sell Us Your Vehicle


            Explore Your Options - Including Getting Your Trade-in Value Before Your Visit

            Consider the details provided to make the choice that suits you perfectly. Choose what suits you best:

            Get Your Trade-In Value In Advance

            If you’d like to start the process early, send us detailed images of your car’s interior and exterior and provide details about the car’s condition and history. CarHub will take it from there.

            Get Your Trade-In Value In Person

            Bring your car in to the dealership and our experts will speak with you to learn more about the car, and do a visible inspection.

            Looking for the Best Deal for Your Trade In Car? Choose CarHub Now

            Are you considering trading in your vehicle for a better deal? CarHub Trade-In Options provides a confident and transparent process. Explore the details of our process and trade in with confidence for the best deal on your terms.

            Trade In Your Vehicle @ CarHub North York Chrysler

              Sell Us Your Vehicle

              Trade In Your Vehicle @ CarHub Caledon Chrysler

                Sell Us Your Vehicle


                Why Choose CarHub Trade-Ins in GTA?

                Here’s why CarHub sets apart for your trade-ins in the Greater Toronto Area:

                Transparent Value Assessment

                Our process ensures a fair evaluation of your vehicle's worth, which provides you with a clear understanding of what determines its value.

                Convenience with Getting A Value In Advance

                Choose the option that suits your preferences – get a value before your visit or do it in person at the dealership.

                Expert Assistance

                Benefit from our knowledgeable team ready to guide you through the trade-in process, ensuring a smooth and informed experience.

                Prompt and Secure Transactions

                We finalize your sale or trade-in efficiently, including prompt payments and secure handling of the entire process.

                Choose CarHub for a trade-in experience that combines transparency, convenience, expertise, and efficiency.

                CarHub Trade In FAQs:

                Get your trade-in questions answered.

                Can I sell my vehicle to CarHub without buying a car from you?

                Yes, you can sell your vehicle to CarHub without the obligation to purchase a car from us.

                If I sell my car to CarHub, how and when will I be paid?

                Once the sale is finalized, you'll either receive payment promptly or it will be applied to the purchase of your next car.

                Will the trade-in offer I receive from CarHub change?

                Our trade-in offers are transparent and fair. The offer you receive is based on a thorough evaluation and remains consistent.

                Secure the Best Deal for Your Vehicle – Trade In Today with CarHub


                There’s no better way than to upgrade with CarHub—call us now!

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