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5 Reasons To Jump Into A Used Audi

5 Reasons To Jump Into A Used Audi

If you have been looking for the luxury car of your dreams, you may want to invest in a quality, practical pre-owned vehicles which will fit the bill and also shine beautifully in your driveway. At CarHub Automotive Group, we are proud to carry used Audi vehicles. A reputable German auto brand which is known for tearing up the highways in true style, Audi sedans and SUVs are beloved among single professionals and families alike. With German engineering, an emphasis on style and of course the innovation of Quattro (high-speed, cutting-edge four wheel drive), Audi stands out from the crowd.

For anyone wanting to treat themselves to an Audi in 2021, we’ve compiled a few reasons why you should treat yourself to this luxury brand right now. Here’s everything to know about buying a pre-owned Audi.


1. Sophisticated on the inside and out:


For anyone coveting smooth leather interiors and a contemporary design, Audi certainly offers a high-fashion feel. Similarly to how you cannot judge a person from the outside alone, a car’s interior is truly telling of its character! Luckily, a luxury inside means a luxury ride, in the case of our pre-loved Audis. For creative souls who work in fields such as fashion and architecture and want an aesthetic vehicle with a focus on standalone design lines, an Audi fits the bill. These strict, clean lines have inspired other automakers, with Hyundai and Kia drawing their influences from Audi’s artistic sensibility.


2. Safe and secure:


Security certainly ranks highly when it comes to a list of what’s important in a vehicle, particularly if you’ll be transporting your little ones to school or activities. Audi is known for its superior safety and security features, including Audi pre sense®, a predictive safety technology feature which offers brake warnings. In fact, pre sense® even offers an extended brake warning which will activate your hazard lights and close your sunroof and windows. Meanwhile, Audi pre sense® rear aims to protect you from rear end collisions and will actually activate the car’s side assist system. Backup cameras also result in a safer driving experience, for anyone looking to take on the roads in a pre-loved Audi. In fact, some higher end Audi sedans are also equipped with a side collision safety feature as well. Called Pre Sense Side and available on the A8, it protects the vehicle from sudden side impact.


3. Speed:


There’s no doubt that Audi offers a one-of-a-kind driving experience and is a true luxury car for drivers with a need for speed. Over the years, the automaker has produced some unforgettable fast rides, and its love of speed hails back to its early days on the European racing scene. In 1980, Audi unveiled Quattro, which was recognized as an iconic performance car and continued to make waves until it was discontinued in 1991. Amongst the German automakers, Audi arguably has the best all-wheel drive system. This offers greater capabilities in harsh Canadian winter weather, as all-wheel drive can be helpful with navigating snowy and ice conditions.


4. Affordability:


Compared to other luxury brands, Audis are relatively affordable used cars, particularly when compared to springing for a brand new Audi. If you prefer a small car over a larger, midsize luxury vehicle, a used Audi A3/Q3 will likely fit your needs, as this is said to be the most affordable of the used models.


5. Impressive selection of models:


Speaking of models, did we ever mention Audi’s wide variety, with a car to fit every lifestyle? Far from being a stereotypical hot rod, an Audi can either transport your kids safely as a family vehicle, or allow you to take weekend road trips in style and comfort.

Before you book an appointment at one of our CarHub car dealerships (North York Chrysler and Caledon Chrysler), we have rounded up a comprehensive guide to the varying Audis on our used market.

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