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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Driving Safety Tips


With indoor holiday gatherings restricted during the current climate of COVID-19, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a long, scenic, and sometimes challenging winter driving. Whether you are taking off on a solo journey or exploring Ontario with members of your household (or small bubble), the beauty of falling snowflakes can lend a winter wonderland-esque charm to your road trip. Add in a Christmas playlist, a mug of hot chocolate in your cup holder and cozy blankets in the backseat, and it’s almost like you’re travelling in Santa’s sleigh itself!


Unfortunately, the presence of snow and ice on the roads is a very real component of winter weather, which can lead to icy roads and overall dangerous road conditions. As winter sets in for a long stay, it is important to know about the winter car problems, so it is time to get serious about winterizing your car. CarHub wants you to drive carefully this holiday season and throughout the winter, which is why we’ve compiled our best advice for staying safe as you travel.


1. Slow and safe:


Maybe you’re the proud parent of a Dodge Challenger, and can’t wait to embrace the wide open air now that you’ve left the city. Or, maybe you’re a parent to actual humans, and you’re worried about racing to your little one’s next pit stop for a bathroom break in a Dodge Grand Caravan! Whatever the situation, slippery roads and bad weather can easily be a recipe for disaster. Drive slowly, and be sure to give yourself extra travel time if you are commuting to work or appointments.


2. Monitor road conditions:


When you consider all the horror stories of accidents on black ice, you’ll want to monitor road conditions. Be sure to check the weather, and be prepared to once again slow down when needed. Your anti-lock brakes will help with skidding on the roads, particularly if you need to recover from a skid and regain control of your vehicle.


3. Get your tires ready:


Winter tires are a must during winter driving in the colder Canadian months, and are an asset during inclement weather. If you need a service appointment before the next big snowfall, get in touch with CarHub's Service department today.


4. Stay fuelled:


During the winter, you’ll want to keep at least half a tank of gas and make sure that your fuel tank is ready for dropping temperatures. Gas will not likely freeze, but very cold weather can affect its nature and lead to coagulating gas. Also, you probably don’t want to run low on gas while on the highway, transporting kids during a snowstorm or on your way to work in the early morning.


Social distancing isn’t just for humans: During a wintry drive, keep 3-4 times the usual stopping distance between your car and other vehicles. Safety comes first, at all times. Drive safe, enjoy the holiday season and feel free to contact us for any questions.

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