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Because we don't want you getting any tickets this year, today's theme for ‪#‎TuesdayTip‬ will be Ontario traffic law updates and driver fee increases!Keep checking back for what you should know about changes to your local driving laws that came into effect on January 1st and what fees for drivers will be increasing throughout the year




1. At school crossings and regular crossovers (as seen below), you must yield the -entire- road to pedestrians, even if they have passed your vehicle, lane or section.

2. If snow tires are purchased and installed in sets of four on a vehicle, private insurance companies now entitle drivers to winter insurance discounts. Govt & insurance-preferred tires are marked with snowflakes within mountain peaks.

3. There have been some New Year's fee increases for plates!Dealer & service plates: $156 -> $172
Motorcycle/service plates: $87 -> $96
Vehicle number plates will increase from $20 to $25 Nov 1st! 4. As of January 1st, the government has launched a project permitting the testing and usage of automated (driverless) vehicles on provincial highways and roads. top




Winter snuck up on us today! Were you caught off guard before your morning commute?Here are some tips to deal with your suddenly wintery wonderland now and in the future. 1. Have 2 snowbrushes; one in your vehicle and one in your home/garage. It's perfectly normal to want to keep one in your car for when you're out and about but what about when you're trying to get into your snowed in or iced over car while the brush is in the backseat or trunk? Keeping a spare somewhere outside of the vehicle will keep you from having to use your hands or credit cards as a temporary scraper. 2. Leave a blank space. When in traffic, even if you feel like you're holding back traffic, leave plenty of space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Even during the smallest slides or skids, a few feet could make the difference between sliding into nothing and sliding into an accident report. 3. Keep a survival kit. We can't predict the future; the weather, where we end up or how we end up there, but you can pack a kit to help you survive what winter throws at you. Recommended items include extra phone chargers, battery boosters, extra clothes, gloves, hats, blankets, notepads, pencils and packs of snacks. 4. Stay gassed. Don't get stuck stranded somewhere with no gas to move or stay warm. Get in the habit of keeping your tank at least half full whenever possible. 5. Fresh fluids. Take note of how old each of your fluids may be (oil, anti-freeze, washer fluid, etc) and refresh with new quantities and changes as you see fit. This will help you and your vehicle experience a winter as smooth as ice.


Spring is around the corner, and we're pretty sure the entire population of Ontario is rejoicing. If it's time to start fresh with a new pair of tires, here is how to get the most out of them.Undeniably, tire quality is important. But you know what else is important? How heavy your foot is. Let us explain, the wearing of a tire is heavily dependent on your driving style. If you're braking at the last second or driving in a way that's hard on the gas, you're also being pretty hard on your tires.Typically, expect your tire to be changed every 30,000 kmPro tip: To get your tires lasting longer, get their rotation done between 5,000 to 8,000 km.Don't let your tires become 'bald.' Essentially, that is when they're worn out to the point that they no longer create the traction that you need. If your tread is less than 1.6 mm, they're already worn out.Pro tip: Manufacturers date the tires that they create; it is most often on the inside. When you're buying a tire you're going to get the best bang for your buck if the tire doesn't date back more than 6 years.Also pay attention to the terrain that you're driving on. Salt and gravel roads are two things that your tires hate. C'mon, you know you can treat them better.Pro tip: Your tire pressure is especially important. You'll find the "Recommended tire pressure" on your vehicle, your owner's manual will tell you where to look.Pro tip: Wheel alignment is something we don't always equate to having a direct influence on our tire, but it definitely does. Have your alignment adjusted yearly so that the weight isn't unevenly distributed to your tires.There you have it, when you follow these tips, you'll see that you'll be buying new tires less often. You can thank us later.If you are in the market, there are two ways we can help you that go beyond giving you tips.Check out our service special and get 1 Tire FREE when you buy 3 (what would you do with any less than that anyway?).Service will even help you with stowing away your winter tires.
Give us a call to see how we can help:-North York Chrysler





The number of cars manufactured with manual transmissions has decreased over the years.
Is this simply a question of supply and demand, or are their factors behind this that will influence your decision to buy manual?
Here's an analysis on the pros and cons, then we'll let you decide.
Pro: When it comes down to the vehicle cost, you will save money. Then when you drive off the lot to go get gas, the 5-10% less fuel consumption will have your wallet thanking you (keep in mind this is based on reports that assume that you're changing gears on time). Finally, when you're going in for car maintenance, you'll see the extra dollars in repair that your manual transmission will save you.
Con: If you're talking heavy traffic like we are in Toronto, automatic transmission wins this one out. Conversely, if you're using cruise control often then automatic transmission takes the cake again.
Con: When it comes to speed, a large reason behind the plunge in manual transmissions is that many automatic transmissions are now able to outperform manual transmissions in speed. New transmissions in automatic vehicles mean that their 8 or 9 speed dual clutch can pull more torque and horsepower while simultaneously being more efficient by keeping RPM lower. Can you say win-win-win?
Pro: Need we say the obvious? Driving stick is cool. Mastering driving stick is a skill to be proud of and it definitely adds a bit of fun to the regularly mundane task of driving. Even though this point is short, those who get it, just get it. That's exactly why many manufacturers have stuck by manual transmissions for their sporty models.
Con: Remember how you saved all that money on buying the car, gas and maintenance? That also translates to selling the car for less than you would its automatic counterpart, it's just a matter of supply and demand (on the bright side your car is less likely to be stolen and your insurance rate will probably be lower).To sum it up, automatic transmissions will give you effortless driving with convenience whereas manual will give you the best bang for your buck and a skill that you'll master every day.So, let's hear it, what do you choose? It really comes down to the weight that you attach to each point.
Are there any pros and cons that you would add to this list?-North York Chrysler


SAVE ON GAS: Go for this Feature That Goes Against What You Were Told

'Know-Better' Uncles everywhere are responsible for perpetuating the belief that starting your car would burn significantly more gas than idling. And so, chances are that you've spend hundreds, if not thousands of minutes idling in your car instead of turning it off.Your uncle probably owes you a bit of gas money.Turns out, it's been tried and tested and the general consensus is (drumroll please..) if you'll be idling for more than a minute it's better for your wallet and car to turn the engine off.This also happens to be good for our environment; in fact Toronto laws dictate that anyone idling by car for more than three minutes can be fined up to $5,000. Can't say we haven't been there, but now we (and you) know better.So, what's the solution? Well, turns out the solution has been developing since 1983. Cue the Stop Start Engine -also known as Idle- Stop. The system will automatically turn the engine off when you come to a stop and then start it when you take your foot off the brake.
We know that your uncle's words are still ringing in a bit of skepticism, but get this- the Start Stop technology saves you 5-7% gas per year.The next time you're in the market, it's best for your wallet, your future car, and oh yeah, the environment to go for a vehicle that offers a Stop Start Engine.
Luckily, the car industry had a feeling that we'd all be coming around sooner or later. Just to name a few Makes -that are um..coincidentally the exact makes that we sell... Chrysler, Jeep and Ram all offer the technology.What kind of Auto Tips can we offer you next?-
North York Chrysler




The AutoShow is no doubt exciting; it brings together auto enthusiasts in our city and beyond. Just ask our executives, they've been going to VIP night for years now.
For the rest of us that missed VIP night (the invitation was probably just lost in the mail, right?), here's a quick guide on how to maximize your time at the Canadian International Auto Show:
1. The show is held in the heart of Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North and South building) and will continue until February 22nd
The theme throughout the show is 'Life Is In Motion,' keep your eyes open to see how the theme pulls together the new, the vintage and the concept cars alike.
Get in the know:
2. Tickets are $23 for adults and $7 for children. From February 17th to the 20th ?save yourself $5 off an adult ticket by finding coupons in the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, and Sing Tao Daily. Get the details on that here: // If you're going as a family, you'll find discounted rates too.
3. Check out the map and take a virtual tour so that you're going in with a plan. Then when you're there, grab a hard copy //
4. There will be a complimentary Shuttle Express for your convenience transporting patrons between the North and South buildings. Also for your convenience, if you're going with kids consider the Volkswagen Children's Playcare Centre and the Xbox One Gaming Area.
5. Download the Auto Show Passport App and take a virtual step into the auto shows of Detroit, Tokyo or even Frankfurt: //
6. Go window shopping. Even if you're not in the market right now, it's a great place to check out your favorite makes and models in all of their glory.
Take Advantage:
7. Not only is the show an excuse to get out into the city and make plans for afterwards, but the show has also encouraged a lot of enthusiasm. Take us for example; we're so excited to have the CIAS going on that we have a sale. Curious? Check it out. // are you most looking forward to in your visit to the Auto Show?If you've already been, we want to hear what you thought of it.
-North York Chrysler
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They say that a vehicle is the second largest purchase of your life. That's exciting and one of our favorite parts of our business is that we get to celebrate that milestone with you. Along with big celebrations though, does come big responsibility (slightly paraphrased from mothers everywhere).When it comes to financing your vehicle, a Line of Credit may seem like a viable option, but remember, all that glitters isn't gold (alright, alright, that was slightly paraphrased from 'All Star' - Smash Mouth).Here are the reasons why your Line of Credit shouldn't be paying for your vehicle:1. Interest rates fluctuate with bank's prime rate resulting in variable payments and possibly increased payments.2. The bank has the right to withdraw money from your account to pay for your line of credit.3. Most line of credits are secured by your home. Default of payment for any reason allows the bank to take your home. Credit providers may consider this a second mortgage.4. It is very hard to get a secondary line of credit (should you need money in the future in an emergency scenario) with an outstanding balance on the primary.5. If the bank sees any increase in risk to the security the can demand payment in full.6. Terms of repayment are not designed for automotive purchases due to the depreciation factor as well as the elongated term of the 'loan'.7. Major Franchised Dealerships (like ourselves) are often staffed with fully trained and experienced financial advisers, representing all major banks. They negotiate the terms and conditions on your behalf. Fixed-term, secured, open loans save you money without risk to your home.We hope that this Tuesday Tip has left you a bit more finance savvy, and a little closer to celebrating about that next vehicle purchase.Here at North York Chrysler we deal with every bank, including yours. We deal with them all because banks are not the same when it comes to lending criteria and interest rates. This is true regardless of your credit circumstances; excellent or with blemishes.In the coming weeks we'll be discussing what you should be doing instead of using your line of credit.Stay tuned and share this tip, after all, can't we all be a little more car-shopping savvy?-North York ChryslerValue Trust Transparency
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We told you about a few of the reasons you might want to lease below. Now that you're in the right direction, we want to help you with a few of the questions you'll want to ask before jumping in.When you ask your salesperson these questions you'll look like you've really done your homework (you can consider us homework helpers- or auto superheroes coming to your aid.. whatever you prefer.)-Are there any lease specials? Often you'll find lease specials; ours have their own designated page, sometimes they're even good enough to even entice cash/finance car buyers.-What is the residual value? This will give you two things; the first is the amount the car will cost if you want to buy it after your lease, the second is an idea of how much of the car's value you will be paying for. A car that holds its value for longer will give you a higher residual value, and thus, it'll be the best bang for your buck.-What is the interest rate? This should be straightforward. Unfortunately we've seen some runarounds including odd decimal figures that need to be multiplied before coming up with the interest rate. Go for a dealer that displays this information up front.-What is due at the time of delivery? Be careful as some companies and dealerships may advertise a great lease payment but hide the fees and down payments required for that payment. Make sure you know what you are getting into. The minimum requirement for any lease is the first payment upfront at the time of delivery and that is the only thing required with all of our leases payments provided.-How many kilometers are included/ what are the overage or additional costs? Get to know how many kilometers you're allowed per year and compare this to your driving needs. It's always a good idea to get to know how much you'll be charged beyond your km allowance, if there is any money down and of course, forecast additional costs like licensing.We want to give you the knowledge you need to become a confident car shopper.
Tell us what else we can help you with in the comments below.If you are in the market for a lease, swing by our leasing page and take a look at what we have for you.-North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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It's no secret that most consumers in the market will opt towards All-Wheel-Drive or Four-Wheel-Drive systems, but with Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive, what is the best bet for you? Let's take a look,The differences between 4WD and AWD are closing, they are no longer as clear cut as '4WD for off-road, AWD for on-road.' Still, 4WD is the preference when you're towing or when you're stuck, that's why you'll predominantly see this technology in vehicles with high ground clearance.Both AWD and 4WD have better acceleration and traction in bad road conditions, so they are the best option when it comes to safety in winter weather conditions. Although, contrary to popular belief, they will not help braking, that's a job for Anti-lock Brake system.Now with the bad, AWD and 4WD systems are an added cost. They add weight and therefore decrease fuel economy+ the engine is powering 4 wheels instead of 2 wheels and that adds to fuel consumption. However, companies such as BMW, Mercedes,Jeep,Chrysler,Dodge, Ram, Audi and Nissan have upgraded their drive train to change to Two Wheel Drive when using all 4 is not necessary to save fuel.So, now that we know that Front and Rear wheel drive will save money on the carand gas money, let's see how else they stack up.FWD is what most consumer cars come equipped with. As compared to RWD, they offer better traction, and compared to AWD options, it has the lowest production cost.You'll most often see RWD in sporty cars, due to better handling provided from separating the handling wheels (front wheels) from the movement producing wheels (rear wheels).Reality Check: While rear wheels drive cars are fun and have great handling in summer time, they are the worst in winter conditions due to lack of weight in the rear and traction lost from it. The best undefeated options remain to be AWD and 4WD vehicles when it comes to driving in our wonderful winter wonderland. The newer models of these vehicles have become much more efficient and the safety added out weights the minor extra fuel cost in many cases.What do you think? Which drive train will you be opting for next time, and what vehicle are you considering? Drop us a line if you need help with your research and we will help you through it. With over 700+ vehicles in stock from all makes and models, we are your go-to guide on the best available options all in one place.North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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3 NEW CAR TECHNOLOGIES that you can expect in the future

You've probably seen those movies that predicted robot companions, metallic suits and flying cars in 2020. While we can't promise flying cars in the next five years, we do have some pretty cool new car technology coming soon. Here's a few of our favorites,
1. You won't just be waving your hands when your favourite song comes on anymore:Remember when we wrote about Car and Driving Hacks to make you look like a sensei? Well, this will do you one better. New car technology will let you wave your hand and twirl your fingers to sunroof and volume control within your car. Just be careful if you're a 'hand talker.'
2. 'No Driving and? Wikipedia?' :We can see your future, CES 2015 showed us. We see your rear view mirror digitally enabled with apps, everything from Facebook to Wikipedia. We also see your GPS delivering targeted ads to you as you drive within the premises of local business. As if driving safely wasn't hard enough, now we'll have to resist the urges of GPS ads and rear view mirror games.
3. Cruise Control evolves- BIG time :Self- Driving cars, they're not flying cars but we'll take it. Your first thought is probably safety. Let's put it this way - Google's Self-Driving Car's one and only accident happened while a human was driving it. This technology is right around the corner (and it's probably driving itself).What do you think about the car of the future? Distracting and an overly technology-dependent disaster waiting to happen, or progression in the right direction?Comment below!
-North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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HOLIDAY EDITION- 3 Tips to keep that Holiday Cheer

We've been counting down to the Holidays and they've arrived! This week's #TuesdayTip is Holiday Edition- small tips & tricks that can help you make the most of the holidays.
Top 100 Holiday Songs:
Sure, it can get a little overplayed but you have to admit, Holiday Music truly rings in the Holiday Spirit.
So, whether you're giving your drive a bit of Holiday Cheer or if you're using it as a decoy from passenger conversation (third cousin, twice removed that you only see during the holidays?), feel free to turn the music up.

Plan and Route.
Road Closures in Toronto:
Combine your GPS with your Maps app (most will show traffic trends) and this handy report on major Road Closures and you have yourself a smooth drive.Don't Drink and Drive.
By now, we all know better. Still, the Holidays are unfortunately peak times for accidents and DUI's as a result of RIDE.
There are always options, here are just a few:
-Some CAA members can take advantage of their Drive You Home program. If you are a member, it's definitely worth a call to see if you'll be eligible for the ride and 25km tow for your vehicle.
-There is complimentary Transit and Subway service and extended hours on New Year's Eve. Check out their details and take advantage of the perk:
-Certain cities have voluntary designated drivers that are available throughout the Holidays. Take for example Caledon's 'Home James' Program (// Search up your city and see what your options are.Want to know how you should prep your car for long drives and what you should keep in your Winter Car Kit? We wrote about that too, and it's right here for you,// tips have you learned over the years? Share Below!We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season.
-North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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16DEC14- Want to be a Driving Sensei surrounded by people constantly in awe of your masterful tricks of the trade? Start with these 5 car hacks and be a little bit savvier (and then work your way up to Sensei status- hey, we never said it would come easy).

1. Tinted Plastic to Block the Sun

Sometimes Visors just can't protect you from that dangerously blinding sun glare. Moveable tinted plastic sheets use surface static to hold to the windshield and lessen the intensity.
2. Be a Gas Tank Pro
The next time you have to put gas in a car that isn't yours, consider this. The tiny arrow beside the gas pump icon on your dashboard shows which side of the car the gas tank is on. You have now mastered the art of gas tank sides.
3. Floor Mats to Create Traction
If your wheels are slipping, turn over a floor mat and put it under the tire that needs traction. Drive forward, repeat if you have to. Keep in mind, you are damaging your mats (consider having a cheap spare) but nonetheless, this trick is highly effective.
4. Keep Your Spot
Dropping a 'pin' on a smartphone app is probably the easiest, and yet underused method of taking note of where you parked. Your phones map will remember your spot and give you the quickest way of getting back to your ride home.
5. Staple Remover for your Key Ring
Let a staple remover do all the work when you're adding and removing keys to your ring. Sink their teeth into the ring and easily pry it open. The key ring won't even see what's coming.That's your first five. We'll be continuing this list in the coming months, so stay tuned. In the meantime, share your own car tips with us!
-North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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6 WAYS TO EFFICIENTLY SHOVEL Without Hurting Your Back

09DEC14- After yesterday's#snowfall there are probably plenty of people with aching backs and shoulders from #shoveling, wincing at each and every mention of 'snow.'

Now, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that there probably will be more snow (don't shoot the messenger); the good news is that there are ways you can take shoveling from 'hellish endeavor' to just 'annoying necessity.'Here are some great tips you can use to efficiently shovel:
1. Start off with a stretch
2. Think 'Squats' when you're lifting snow- bend from your knees, avoid arching your back
3. Pivot to avoid twisting
4. Avoid reaching too far, and only move short distances
5. During heavy snow falls, removing snow in thin layers will give you the benefit of lifting less weight and finishing it off more quickly. So, try to get out there after a few centimeters, even if it's still snowing!
6. Strategically place your snow so you're not doubling your work. Start dropping the snow further away, and slowly work your way closer so that your snow bank won't need to be moved.The image below is courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, and shows us the most practical ways of shoveling your driveway. How awesome is that? It even shows us the best methods with heavy/ light snow and shovel vs. snow blower.So, there you have it. Put these tips to use during the next snowfall and you'll feel a bit better the next day.Tell us what we're missing. Comment your best shoveling tips!Share this post with your friends, family and colleagues who are suffering post-shoveling symptoms!
-North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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02DEC14- Do you remember when you bought your car? When you first locked eyes, and how beautiful it looked with the light reflecting off it and bringing out it's beautiful?paint colour (yes, we're still talking about the car). As time passed the two of you started going to the car wash less and less. The truth is, it's time to rekindle that old passion.Getting regular car washes enhances the aesthetics, thus protecting your cars resale value and your investment. Sure, there are better investments, like Apple stocks back in the late 1990's, but at the end of the day, your car is your investment right here and right now.By letting dirt, debris, sap (and now that it's winter), salt idle on the surface of your car you're allowing the problem to become much bigger.
Debris attracts moisturize (especially true when it's embedded into scratches) which in turn creates rust patches- every cars worst enemy.
Sap, bird poop, and salt all have the tendencies to break down your paint sealer, leaving your car exposed.Car washes are equipped with high pressure jets that are effective in dislodging and removing debris, preventing unwanted rust patches and improving the cars aesthetics.Here at North York Chrysler, our Service department workers are nothing less than perfectionists when it comes to detailing.
Sometimes your car just needs a little TLC, when that time comes, bring it in.
What would you like us to write our next #TuesdayTip about?

- North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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Honk- This is the saving grace to the universal problem that has plagued the human race ever since we've had any kind of transportation- WHERE DID I PARK?! This app will record the exact location on your map, take pictures, make any notes and even set an alarm when your parking expires.

Spotify - Okay music lovers, this one's for you. This app has you covered no matter what your music taste is. Browse, play and connect to your Bluetooth thousands of playlists so that you can keep the party going. (Buh-bye lost USB's, damaged AUX cables and skipping CDs)

Gas Buddy - This app will find gas stations and then do you one better. It'll find the best gas prices too.

Car Care- Upload your cars make, model and year and let this app give you information and reports on your car. It's kind of like taking a car manual, personalizing it and then condensing it onto your phone. Use the stats to improve your cars resale value and create a virtual calendar for service appointments.


These apps will make your commutes easier and more relaxed. We'll keep you updated on the latest and greatest to help your drives out.(Ontario has increased fines for distracted driving. So, think of these apps as the drive assistants that you set up before you hit the road.)- North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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CAR PROOF- What it does and what it means for you

18NOV14- FACT: 37% of vehicles have a current lien.
When CarProofs came along, they turned the auto industry upside down. For the first time, documents were readily available to consumers showing them the history of their prospect vehicle- for better or for worse.Now, car buyers everywhere are purchasing CarProofs before their purchase. There are too many stories of purchases stopped last minute due to things like unknown liens and write-offs restructured, to not be a believer.There are a few difference products offered, depending on what you need. Here is this most popular, CarProof Verified, and what it will tell you.
- Find out whether there's an enforceable lien on the vehicle
- Learn more about any prior accident or damage history
- See registration and branding information from Canada and the U.S.
- Ensure that the vehicle was imported properly
- Discover if the vehicle is marked as actively stolen
- Buy or sell the used vehicle for a fair priceSure, a CarProof report may miss claims not made to the insurance company, but what it does catch is quite a bit. It's a tool that we would like to be equipped with when car shopping, any day.As a part of our brand focus#Value#Trustand#Transparency, we offer CarProof Verified reports on our entire inventory, accessible by one click of a button and without asking you to input any information. We also Pay all liens before selling any vehicles.We want you to be as confident with your purchase as we are selling it to you.
- North York Chrysler #Value #Trust #Transparency

REMOTE CAR STARTERS- Should you get one?

11NOV14- It's hard not to watch in envy during those chilly winter mornings as your neighbor uses their remote car starter, while you start your car, shivering.Still, you're hesitant to purchase your own remote car starter. Here are a few things to consider to help you make the best decision for you and your family this winter season.A deterrent from getting a car starter may be that it causes idling, thus wasting fuel and harming the environment. You may also be weary of the possible communication or electrical failures. Now, we started this off as a pros and cons list, but there are more pros than cons, how you weigh them makes the difference. Allowing your car to remotely start will let you thaw the ice on the windows, heat up your seats/ steering wheel, and warm up your engine for optimal temperatures while in the warmth of your own home. That's especially handy during times like last Winter (everyone just cringed, didn't they?), when many cars had to be boosted the next morning and could have used the remote, timed start overnight.You can choose products that are combined with an alarm, allow smart phone control and give you an increased distance range.Now for the question on everyone's mind- will it void my manufacturer's warranty? You want to avoid warranty mishaps by purchasing an OEM remote start and having it installed by an OEM dealership (like us!).Although it can be done independently, installation by a professional is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary complications. Manual transmissions, new car technology, and other aspects all require special consideration.Our Service Professionals here at North York Chrysler are friendly, courteous and with our kind of volume, have experience with just about every make and model out there. They are more than happy to chat about any questions you may have in regards to remote starts .What would you like us to cover in our next #tuesdaytip?- North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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WHY LEASE? Leasing Pros and Cons

04NOV14 - It's no secret that Financing will beat Leasing in a popularity contest any day. Let's just say, Leasing has always been just a bit mysterious and misunderstood. So, when the majority of Canadians think of their next car, the options are usually cash or financing, and Leasing remains the misfit (think high school politics in the auto world).We'll be the first to say that leasing isn't for everyone, but when done right, and for the right person, leasing can save money, offer value and convenience. Here are a few things to consider when making the decision:
1. When leasing, you are only paying for the vehicles depreciation over the term of your lease. This is what your payments are based on. Ask yourself, how long do you plan on keeping the car? Leasing might fit the profile for someone interested in a very expensive vehicle with steep depreciation.
2. You can choose to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease (paying the residual amount). Returning it is like enjoying a rental period.
3. Contrary to what you may think at first glance, leasing is almost never cheaper than financing. Keep in mind interest rates when shopping around & check out leasing specials for better value.
4. Understand your lease. Start with mileage, be honest with yourself about wear/ overage limits and work your way up to termination charges as well as buyout fees. Don't be afraid to ask if they are charging dealer fees on top (and avoid them!). Who knows, before you know it you might be Leasing your next car. It's especially beneficial to those using their vehicle for self-employed or company purposes, offering attractive tax payoffs (and not to mention a shiny new toy every few years). If you're trying to free up cash flow, ask yourself crucial questions like if you're a high mileage driver, and whether the equity in owning a car is worth it.
Have you ever considered Leasing? What was the outcome?
Take a look at these Leasing Specials and ask yourself how the terms work for you,// North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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28OCT14 - You know what they say about Canada, we have two seasons; winter and construction. So, anything to make our commutes easier is well appreciated. Here are 3 apps that have harvested the power of technology and given us the best drive hacks. 1. WAZE- This is a community based app and one of the best that we've seen in terms of navigation. It offers real time information on traffic jams, cheapest gas stations, road closures and police block offs. You can also make it social by adding and updating friends on your drive over. 2. HELP! I CRASHED MY CAR - We sincerely hope that we don't have to use this one. That said, should the circumstance arise it will make us feel a lot better having this app on us. If you're in a car accident this app will do everything from give you steps to take, show you where to go and even help do things like take a detailed report and store important photos and information. 3. FREE WI-FI FINDER- We suddenly just got all of Generation Y's attention, didn't we? This app is amazing if you're on a road trip, or just in an unfamiliar area. You can breathe easy knowing that you won't miss out on any of the virtual world (just don't forget about the real world, either.) What kind of an app would you like to see for your drives? We'll try to find it for you! We'll be continuing this list in the coming weeks. 'Like' our page, and stay tuned! Now, we would like to say that Ontario is increasing fines for distracted driving. So, think of these apps as the drive assistants that you set up before you hit the road. - North York Chrysler #Value #Trust #Transparency FacebookNorth York Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat
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21OCT14- As optimists, we're thinking about the warm temperatures this weekend. As pessimists, we're thinking of last winter's frenzy, and as realists, we're wearing layers today. No matter what mindset you're approaching the changing seasons with, hit the road prepared! We recommend every Winter Car Kit to include:
- Warm winter gloves, toque and boots
- Blanket or extra clothing
- Bag of sand or kitty litter
- Small shovel
- Ice scraper and/or snow brush
- Snacks for energy
- Extra windshield washer fluid
- First aid kit
- Flashlight and batteries
- Flares
- Waterproof matches
- Battery jumper cables

Remember- the most important part of preparing for winter, isn't always the items inside, it's having your car well serviced and it's parts prepared for the cold weather, including winter tires. Our service department here at North York Chrysler can help winterize your car. Oh, and did we mention that you can have a coffee and a bite in our cafeteria while you wait? What else would you add to your winter car kit? Share this post with your kids, parents and loved ones so that we're all safe in our very Canadian, very cold winter. -North York Chrysler?#?Value??#?Trust??#?Transparency?
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14OCT14- In this week's#TuesdayTip we will be talking about some of the benefits of Trading Your Car In (and playing a bit of Devils Advocate).Peace of Mind- It's ofteneasier to trade your vehicle in rather than commit to the time, effort (and sometimes money) that goes into selling privately. You also avoid the chance of your private buyer coming back to you in regards to any issues that may arise.A common argument for selling privately is that you may sell it for a higher price. In order to make the best decision, ask yourself if the time and effort invested into selling will be more or less than what the dealer is offering.
This is especially important when you consider the fact that you Only Pay the Difference- Let's say your new car purchase is going to cost $25,000 and you will receive $10,000 for your Trade In, you will only have to pay tax on the difference of $15,000.So, in this example you are saving $1,300. I don't know about you, but we sure do like the sound of that. A tax benefit, who would have guessed?Another great financing option with trade in's that any positive balance can be applied to the Down Payment of the new purchase. Having money down on your new purchase is always a great way to decrease your payment. Additionally, you can transfer your finance from your trade-in and it's negative equity to a longer finance term on a newer vehicle and lower your payments!We recommend that consumers trade in their vehicle when it still has a retailable value in the market. Generally speaking, vehicles over 8 years old and above 200,000 KMs lose a lot of value in the market, thus getting you less value when trade in. Try to seal the deal before that point.What do you think? Will you be trading your next car in?We invite you to drop in, have your vehicle appraised and talk to our in house Financing Department about turning your dream car into a feasible reality.-North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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'CERTIFIED USED' (pre-owned) cars- Pros and Cons

07OCT14 - Buying a used car may be a great way to keep your vehicle purchase within budget, while simultaneously protecting yourself from the depreciation that brand new cars inevitably come with.So, the question is- how do you keep your wallet happy, but also have peace of mind in the safety of your pre-owned car?Automakers recognized the huge market full of hesitant buyers and decided to make the auto buying experience a little bit easier. Cue the 'Certified pre-owned' (or used) program which was born in franchised dealerships.This program means that the Dealer will inspect and repair the vehicle, while abiding by a lengthy (sometimes upward a few hundred) checklist. This will ensure that the vehicles are in great condition and much more road worthy than similar vehicles sold at the 'mom and pop shops' or by private sellers. Some manufacturers will provide extended warranty to support the purchase of these vehicles. Not only does the consumer now enjoy an extended warranty and peace of mind, but the dealer and the manufacturer will enjoy more used car sales. Kudos Automakers, kudos.Still, with all good things, there are a few things to remember. A certified pre-owned vehicle will often times come with a higher price tag versus a car which has had no prior inspection to mandate factory standards. Here, the best thing you can do is weigh out the value you are receiving. Automakers pre-owned warranties will differ, so be sure to check out their website and compare the costs of the vehicle with and without certification.You will likely find that the success behind the certified program is the ability for it to create value for the consumer.At North York Chrysler we recognize that everything the consumer does, whether it is reading the specs of the car or spending hours searching for the best price online is in the search for the best value. So, we try our best to offer our customers with just that by fully certifying every pre-owned vehicle we sell at a much lower price than portrayed elsewhere (especially when compared to original manufacturer dealerships).

So, would you choose a certified used car?
What would you like us to write about in our next #TuesdayTip? Share this with anyone you know would benefit.
-North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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30SEP14 - 'Dealer fees' sound deceivingly authoritative, they may even sound like an imposed tax, and arefar too common. If 'Dealer fee' doesn't sound familiar, perhaps you've heard its counterparts. Creative dealers may choose equally misleading phrases like 'Admin fees.' (Sneaky!!)That's why it slips under the radars of so many consumers.Dealer fees allow the dealer to advertise the vehicle at a lesser cost than they intend to sell it at. Later, when the dealer fee is introduced,
it is positioned to seem like it is just as mandatory as, for example, the taxes.This simply is not true. (About the dealer fees at least, we're still wishing on shooting stars for taxes to be equally as optional one day).Dealer fees are in fact, pure profit to the dealer.Now imagine how differently you would approach a dealer fee knowing that it is not at all mandatory, instead it is hidden profit.Here at North York Chrysler, we pride ourselves for being industry leaders. All of our vehicles, new or used are entirely free of dealer fees. Just another way that we serve you better.Share this post with anyone you know that will benefit from this #TuesdayTip- North York Chrysler#Value#Trust#Transparency
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