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Navigating the Gears: What Every Driver Should Know About Transmission Service

Navigating the Gears: What Every Driver Should Know About Transmission Service

Did you know that neglecting transmission maintenance may cause poor fuel efficiency, gear slippage, and full transmission failure?


In the second quarter of 2022 alone, Canadian households spent over $3.5 billion on car maintenance and repair. That’s quite a huge amount of money that could have been spent somewhere else or saved if only car owners learned how to maintain their vehicles better.


The transmission is an essential component of your car. It serves as a link between the engine and the wheels, and its job is to make sure that the appropriate amount of power reaches your wheels while driving at a particular pace. In this blog, we will talk about a critical health check for your vehicle: transmission maintenance.


What is a Transmission Service?

Transmission service is a broad term referring to various procedures and tests. These checks and actions are critical to make sure your transmission lasts as long as possible without difficulties or errors.


A large component of transmission servicing is inspecting your transmission to make sure that it is operating at peak efficiency. If not, technicians may identify and resolve small issues before they become big ones.



4 Types of Transmission

There are four kinds of transmissions, each with its own set of advantages for drivers.



1. Manual Transmission

The original type of transmission in most vehicles was also known as "stick" or "standard." It's simple and reliable yet challenging to fully understand. The vehicle operates with a friction clutch controlled by the driver's foot and gear shifter.


Manual transmission offers:

  • Control over driving
  • Cheaper to repair
  • Has better fuel economy


However, the popularity and availability of manual transmissions decrease each year as new models come out with the latest versions.


2. Automatic Transmission

It is the basic automatic transmission that is widely used on the road today, which allows you to select gears without a clutch. Modern automatic transmissions provide up to nine forward gears despite reduced control and potentially higher repair costs.



3. Continuously Variable Transmission CVT

Utilizing advanced computer technology, the CVT system combines pulleys and belts to deliver high performance. CVT advantages: improved fuel efficiency and lower failure risk.


4. Dual-Clutch Transmission

The Dual-Clutch Transmission combines automatic and manual technology. You can drive in automatic mode or manually change gears. Controls on the steering wheel are similar to those on a race or sports car. Repair and replacement costs for complex machinery can be high.


CarHub offers new and pre-owned Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and Fiat cars in all types of transmissions.



Signs Your Transmission Needs to be Serviced

Here are seven signs that your transmission needs maintenance:


  1. Your Transmission Is Not Working Properly: Your transmission needs regular, appropriate maintenance to function properly and last a long time, much like tire rotations and oil changes.
  2. Fluid leakage from your transmission: The next time you park your car, put some cardboard below it if you see any black patches on the driveway or garage floor.
  3. Transmission Releases an Odd Smell: This smell is like engine water, but your mechanic should check out strange smells.
  4. Rough Idling Caused by Your Transmission: Whether your car is idle or moving, you should get any vibrations fixed right away.
  5. Poor Shifts in Your Transmission: If your car shifts roughly or with delays, it needs transmission service.
  6. Poor Vehicle Acceleration: Transmission issues may cause your car to act strangely at green lights or while accelerating.
  7. Check Engine or Transmission Warning Light On: Never overlook check engine lights—they're there for a purpose.



Is it Necessary to Change the Transmission Fluid?

The basic answer is "yes." However, the service frequency for new cars might be more than 100,000 miles before this is required. As a result, new or used car owners get confused by what seems to be obvious advice. Those who keep and rarely use a new car may never need to replace the transmission fluid.


How Frequently Should the Transmission Fluid Be Replaced?

The best advice is to know your car and how often the manufacturer says it should be serviced.


There are a lot of different recommendations for how often transmission oil should be changed.It can be anywhere from 30,000 miles to more than 100,000 miles for some cars and trucks. Some brand new cars, especially those with automatic transmissions, have transmissions that are almost sealed shut. The oil inside is meant to last as long as the car does.



Benefits of Getting Routine Transmission Service

The following are the top five benefits of having your car dealer repair your transmission.


  1. Better fuel economy: Consistently having a competent mechanic inspect your car can prevent harm.
  2. A higher level of performance: Your car should operate at its best when you give it routine maintenance.
  3. Improve Gear Performance: The functioning of your car's transmission will be greatly enhanced by routine transmission maintenance.
  4. Reduction in wear and tear: Replacing your transmission fluid is crucial to the overall health of your vehicle
  5. Lower your payments up front: Your automobile is generally tired, and the transmission has stopped working by then. This may result in far greater costs than if you had frequent car service.


Drive Confidently with a Well-maintained Transmission: Visit a CarHub Service Centre Today


Car transmission service is a crucial component of every car owner's bible. Doing this maintenance regularly will save your car years of life, hundreds of dollars, and fewer worries about whether your car will work. Visit us at CarHub the next time you need your vehicle serviced swiftly and effectively.

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