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Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Minivan

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Minivan

This is the true account of a family of 4 in search of their next vehicle. They wanted something big enough for them, their dog, trips to their cottage and their family that lives 3 hours away. They wanted to be able to carpool, to have all their hockey and ski gear and still fit passengers comfortably. They wanted luxury, convenience, safety and entertainment. They had a budget of upwards of $100,000. They looked at Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Cadillac, Range Rover and Audi - all to no avail. There was simply only one type of vehicle that met all of their needs, and as much as they hated the thought of it, they ended up with… a minivan.


Yup, you read that right: a minivan.


Ah, the dreaded minivan. Images of dads with pants pulled up to their armpits opening the sliding door with a big grin; moms screaming, “don’t forget to eat your veggies”, from the driver’s seat at school drop; kids crowding into the backidy-back, slapping and kicking each other on a long car ride; countless pregnant women (especially when it’s their second or third child), adamantly asserting they will never, EVER get a minivan with a look of disdain.


2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan Exterior


The growing popularity of SUVs only added fuel to the fire, giving the false hope that there was a vehicle that could carry a family and all of their stuff, that wasn’t a minivan. Here’s the thing though, no matter how hard you try not to like them, no matter how much you want to maintain your cool-factor and feel that it rests on the fact that you don’t drive a minivan, there is something about them. There is something about the practicality, simplicity, comfort, safety and dare I say, luxury of the minivans of today.


Maybe you didn’t want to want one, but there are a few undeniable reasons that the minivan is alive and thriving. Here’s the top 5 reasons to buy a minivan:


1. Effective Use of Space


It is undeniable that minivans in general have unmatched passenger and cargo versatility.


Chrysler’s Stow ‘n Go® seating and storage allows for a variety of storage and seating combinations - so not only is there adequate space, but that space is flexible for what you need when you need it. Whether carpooling up to 8 passengers, a road trip for 5 to ski at the cottage or picking up your decking materials from the local hardware store - the minivan is ready and willing to pack it all in. The signature minivan sliding doors also make parking on city streets, busy parking lots or camping sites less precarious.


2021 Chrysler Pacifica Interior


2. Thoughtful Driver Luxuries


Arguably no other car takes the needs of the driver into this level of consideration, especially when it comes to going beyond simply their driving needs.


With available features in the Chrysler Pacifica like, Park Assist, 360° Surround View Camera, Automatic Braking, Collision Alert and the SafetyTec Group of features (including Park-Sense Rear Park Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross-Path Detection, Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking and Automatic Braking) available in the Chrysler Grand Caravan, you are sure to drive with confidence. In addition to the safety features, minivans offer all the technologies and entertainment features of comparable SUVs but with a few additional, minivan exclusive ones:


No need to crank your neck and take your eyes off the road, the Chrysler Pacifica even comes with the available FamCAM interior camera, where a simple glance at the HD 10.1‑inch touchscreen is all it takes to check up on your rear‑seat occupants (even the ones in rear‑facing child seats). The Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey also have speaker systems that amplify the driver’s voice to the 2nd and 3rd rows.


Today’s fully loaded minivans have basically all the conveniences at the driver’s fingertips: open doors, move seats, set-up sun-shades, and so much more all with complete ease.


3. Thoughtful Passenger Luxuries


We’ve reached a time where I-Spy isn’t enough for a roadtrip with children (maybe it never was), minivans are to the rescue with entertainment systems galore - Chrysler offering its best-in-class UConnect Infotainment system (which you can learn more about here). Rear passengers now have access to their own screens, headphones, DVD players, seat adjustments, entertainment systems, charging ports and so on. Plus, with almost unlimited combinations for storage and seating; leg room, cup holder access and comfort are second only to your own living room.


4. Can Do Attitude


Minivans of today, while very focused on comfort, safety and entertainment of drivers and passengers, have not forgotten about accommodating the other practicalities and adventures that come with family life.


Most minivans can tow 1588 kg (3500 lbs), with the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica having the highest towing capability of any minivan at 1633 kg (3600 lbs). This is the same or more than some of the most popular SUVs on the market, including the Toyota RAV4, Honda Pilot, Honda CR-V, Ford Escape. Mazda CX-5,7 and 9! The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna also offer AWD.


Make no mistake however, the fuel efficiency is surprisingly impressive particularly given the size and strength of today’s minivan. The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica and 2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan, have excellent highway fuel economy, as low as 8.4L/100km. This rating is better than all other minivans except the Toyota Sienna and also better than many SUVs of comparable size such as the Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, Mazda CX-9 and only 0.1 less than the Toyota Highlander. Additionally, minivans are now available in Hybrid, including the Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna.


Fuel efficient with towing capacity, technology, safety entertainment plus an almost unlimited combination of storage and seating options - it’s becoming almost impossible to NOT want a minivan.


Minivan - 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Exterior



5. Best Bang for Your Buck


At this point, you must be thinking,” there must be a downside”. Perhaps you might even be wondering if getting basically everything there is to desire in a family daily driver plus the ability to roadtrip comfortably and weekend warrior to your heart’s desire would be unattainable.


Oh contraire, no other vehicles offer this level of luxury and capacity at these prices (or really any price)! The Chrysler Grand Caravan SE has the most affordable starting price at just under $39,000 (before any applied offers) and the most expensive and fully loaded minivan, the Toyota Sienna Limited AWD Hybrid, is priced at just under $58,500 (before any applied offers). This means a minivan can be yours for less than all other 7-seater SUVs on the market today and you have the ability to customize your minivan, price and features, to meet your exact requirements.


A lot has changed since 1983 when Chrysler invented the minivan segment and released the 1984 Dodge Caravan. The Caravan has stood as a symbol of the flexibility and affordability of the minivan. Exclusive in Canada, the Dodge Grand Caravan is now the Chrysler Grand Caravan. Keeping the spirit of the minivan alive and well under the Chrysler nameplate symbolizes another turning point for the minivan’s long history, where affordability, convenience and luxury can also be synonymous with the minivan.


Minivans, of course like all other vehicles, can also be purchased used for an even more affordable option.


If you were on the fence before (or even one of those vehemently against getting a minivan), I bet I have your interest now! That family I talked about earlier, are now on their 3rd minivan lease, they will never look back (ok, by never I mean until their kids are grown perhaps).


Now that you’re convinced, it’s time to pick the one that suits you best. Reach out to one of our trusted Product Advisors here to discuss more about getting into a minivan.

-Sharon Pinfold-
Sharon has been in the auto industry since 2005 and has worked both in the Sale and Service Department of various New, Used, Domestic and Import brands.

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