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Top 5 Voice Commands for Your Car

Top 5 Voice Commands for Your Car

The world is so full of tech that the Internet of Things is a normal term. All of us at CarHub have become so used to voice command technology that it’s hardly surprising that everyday household devices will respond to a request.


Most of us think nothing of asking Siri, Google, or Alexa to do our bidding but the truth is that in most contexts, our hands would function well enough to get the job done. What could be more important than keeping your hands and eyes on the road when you’re driving? Now there’s a situation that could use your full and undivided attention.


Voice Command Systems


Integrated voice command systems are near-ubiquitous in vehicles these days and there are various ways to utilize car voice control while driving, often through means that would have been otherwise just used for navigation or vehicle entertainment systems. The Uconnect system, for instance, which is the standard connectivity system for FIAT, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and RAM vehicles is included in a large amount of the vehicles that are on the CarHub lots today. Uconnect will easily integrate Android voice commands, Google voice commands, and Apple’s CarPlay voice command systems as well as present a pleasing and easy-to-use user experience for each system.


The sky is truly the limit when it comes to voice commands in your car. No, the car won’t do your work for you or walk your dog or do your laundry or anything like that but it will take care of car-related items for you that may have otherwise created a ‘pull over and check your phone sort of situation. Like what, you may ask? Here’s a list of common voice commands in cars.


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Voice Command - Our Top 5 Picks:


1. Call So and So


Your voice command system can usually be accessed by a prompt on your steering wheel. When you access your voice command system, and you have synced your phone to the system, it will have access to your contact list. From here you will be able to call up a specific person’s name and direct your system to call them. For instance, if you verbalize, ‘call Bob from work’ your system will dial, yep, you guessed it, Bob from work. It beats pulling over to search for Bob’s number, or worse putting yourself and others at risk by taking your eyes off of the road to search for it!


2. Play My Hot Jams


There’s nothing like bumping some Kenny G while you’re out on the road, right?


Even if your musical taste is, ahem, questionable, your vehicle is your domain and there may be no better place to let loose and enjoy your music in peace than in a place with perfect acoustics, car sound system, surround sound speakers, and a view of the open road. Why fiddle with your dials when you can let your voice command system do the work in finding your favourite songs. You can ask for your favourite Kenny G numbers by name and just sit back and enjoy as your voice command system calls your track up and lets it rip.


kenny g


3. Take Me On Home


Why mess with plotting coordinates into your car’s GPS navigation system? What are you, a sea captain? You shouldn’t have to worry about the specifics of addresses in this day and age. Just set your favourite places into your car’s system and ask your car to pull up the map to them when you need to, such as, ‘Home’ or ‘Work’. You can also tell it to take you to a specific place, like, ‘Mcdonald’s on Third’. Whatever or wherever the destination one thing is for sure: you should not need to use your hands or take your eyes off of the road to get your destination plugged into your GPS.


voice command


4. Optimize Your Temp


There’s nothing worse than fiddling with your knobs and dials when the sweat beads glisten or the shivers kick in. When the cabin of your vehicle is too cold or hot, an otherwise pleasurable ride can turn into an uncomfortable endeavour on the double. Eyes on the road is always rule number one when you’re operating your automobile, so the ability to tell your car to kick on the air conditioning or amp up the heat while you’re in motion is a great safety and convenience feature that will keep you comfortable and adherent to the rules of the road.



5. New and Noteworthy


One can never tell where inspiration will strike. Say, you’re on your way to work, you have a million things swirling around in your head, and the desire to make lasagna for dinner suddenly strikes you. How are you going to remember to pick up all of the lasagna ingredients that you need to make your dinner a success while you’re on the road with stimuli coming at you one hundred kilometres an hour and your brain heading in every direction at once? Well, you make a note, of course! This is yet another incredible and underutilized feature of your car’s voice command system. Call up your notes, add to your grocery list verbally and you’re good to go when your shopping hour finally rolls around.

voice command

The Wrap Up


There you have it! As if you needed more reasons to utilize the amazing voice activation features that your car is capable of, now you have no excuses to keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and your commands verbal.


Curious about our vehicles that come standard with Uconnect technology and other voice command activation systems? You can contact us today to speak with a Product Advisor about our vehicles with voice command technology on the CarHub lots.

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