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2021 RAM ProMaster- Here’s Everything You Should Know

2021 RAM ProMaster- Here’s Everything You Should Know

2021 RAM ProMaster

As Canada’s most affordable high roof cargo van, the 2021 Ram ProMaster is a perfect fit for the hard-working contractor or skilled tradesperson who needs it for business purposes. At CarHub Automotive Group, we are proud to carry this Ram commercial vehicle, as Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat dealers. If you are searching for a great van to suit your fast-paced, busy work schedule on construction sites or at renovation projects, we have compiled our roundup of everything to know about the trusty ProMaster.




Designed with safety and security in mind as well as additional cargo space, the upfit-friendly ProMaster also boasts industrial-grade capability and Class-Exclusive Front-Wheel-Drive system. With an emphasis on being spacious, the ProMaster offers a standard capacity of up to 463.0 cu ft. Meanwhile, its maximum cargo width is 75.6 inches. With high ceilings available, the ProMaster will easily store all your materials for a day on the job. The standard interior ceiling height is 66.9 inches, while the high roof option features a height of 77.1 inches.


Performance and Engine:


There’s no need to worry about towing when it comes to performance for the Ram ProMaster! This baby is packed with power and offers a towing capacity of 6,910 lb. Meanwhile, the V6 engine offers 280 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. Also, the ProMaster does far more than just give you a set of wheels for the road- it also comes with two choices of alternator power and can conveniently charge up your tools. The 180-amp alternator is standard, while the 220-amp alternator offers an extra boost of power. Unlike other traditional old-fashioned vans in North America, this van is front wheel drive, which means that it will not get stuck in the winter and also offers greater fuel efficiency.


Exterior and Interior:


The exterior of the ProMaster features a black three-piece fascia, a modular fascia design. The three pieces can be replaced easily if needed, making the repair and maintenance process that much more of a breeze. It is also designed to be easy to load or unload, with low load floors and wide rear doors. Let’s not forget about that tall windshield, folding rearview mirrors and side panels and bumpers that will protect the exterior of your vehicle from getting scratched, scraped or damaged.


Take a peek inside and you’ll discover quality tech features. The ProMaster comes with a UConnect multimedia center that is compatible with Bluetooth and features a 5-inch touchscreen. The system is also equipped with Voice Command technology, hands-free navigation and auxiliary switches which can tailor the ProMaster to your work needs.


Lighting also plays a major role when it comes to the interior of the Ram ProMaster, with lighting options that include LED cargo lighting or ambient interior lighting.


2021 RAM ProMaster Interior




When you’re powering a large, heavy commercial vehicle like the Ram ProMaster, safety is key. Fortunately, in addition to great cargo widths and roof heights, the always-practical ProMaster is also equipped with a number of safety features. A standard feature on every ProMaster trim level, Crosswind Assist helps you navigate winds and drive safely, despite windy conditions. This is thanks to special sensors that can detect wind, and help you brace against it.


If you’re worried about parking such a big beast, you’ll be thankful for the Digital Rearview Mirror. Meanwhile, reversing becomes stress-free thanks to the ParkView Rear Back Up Camera and the Park-Sense Rear Park Assist feature. While you are on the roads, the inclusion of the Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection all help to keep you safe and avoid collisions.




The Ram ProMaster comes with a number of different trim levels. If you are not sure what exactly does car trim mean, then check out our blog on car trim explanation. Have a look below for a more concise peek at all of the varying 2021 Ram ProMaster trims.


1. 3500 Cutaway:


As the first of the ProMaster trim levels, the 3500 Cutaway comes with a standard 159-in wheelbase, with an extended frame available It also comes with the 220-amp alternator and can carry a payload up to 5,230 lb. You also get the added perk of an overall maximum upfit length of up to 291 inches.


2. 3500 Chassis Cab:


The 3500 Chassis Cab comes with a premium heavy duty suspension and a rear stabilizer bar. Meanwhile, the extended exterior mirrors are manual and folding for additional convenience. This model also has a 24-inch frame height and comes with heavy-duty four-wheel disc antilock brakes.


3. 1500:


Equipped with a V6 engine with six speed automatic transmission, the Ram ProMaster 1500 also features best-in-class turning radius on all models with a 118-inch wheelbase. You also get powerful payload and towing options with the 1500, as this vehicle can manage a payload of up to 4,000 lb and can tow up to 6,910 lb. The low roof can fit most underground garages.


4. 2500:


As the next trim level up, the Ram ProMaster 2500 takes things to a bigger and better level. It has an increased towing capacity of up to 6,800 and a payload of up to 4,260 lb. As well, it has an impressive cargo capacity which offers extra storage for all your equipment and goods. At 11,893 L (or 420 cu ft), you are likely able to store everything you need for work in the 2500. With all these perks, it’s not surprising that the 2500 is a best seller!


5. 3500:


The 3500 gives us a ceiling height of up to 77.1 inches, along with an increased cargo capacity of up to 463 cu ft. This trim level of the Ram ProMaster also boasts extra payload and towing capacities, for a vehicle which is incredibly functional for travelling to work sites when you have extra materials. With a payload of up to 4,680 lb and a towing capacity of up to 6,800 lb, you’re certainly set for the job.


6. 2500 Window Van:


The 2500 lives up to its name, with the addition of full-length side and rear windows which are an upgrade from the lower trim levels. With the 2500 Window Van, you not only get a more premium exterior design, you also have other added perks. It comes with Electronic Stability Control, along with a payload of up to 3,940 lb.


7. 3500 Window Van:


Also a window van design with full-length side and rear windows, the 2500 Window Van is the highest trim level of the Ram ProMaster. It offers an increased payload capacity of up to 4,290 lb, as well as a very strong towing capacity of up to 6,410 lb.

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