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Jeep: Top 10 Most Searched Questions

Jeep: Top 10 Most Searched Questions



There is no vehicle with such an immediately recognizable and iconic front end as the Jeep (especially seen on the Wrangler). The brand is so ingrained in our minds, just a couple circles and vertical lines evoke durability, reliability and fun! While various models over various years have developed a more subtle front end look, the basic identifiable markings of the Jeep remain and so does the balance of off-road fun and on road comfort - albeit on a different scale depending on the model..


In this article, we will answer the top 10 most searched questions for Jeep:


How much does a Jeep cost?


While special offers change monthly (so check with one of our Product Advisors for the current ones), Jeeps typically range from just below $30,000 to upwards of $100,000 depending on model and trim level. Of course, used vehicles offer an extensive range of prices as well depending on age, mileage, condition and so on. Jeeps, especially the Wrangler, hold their value extraordinarily well - so if you ever want to resell your Jeep (to get into another Jeep of course), you’ll be pleased with the money you will get for it.




What does Jeep stand for?


While there is no official statement from Jeep themselves, there are a few theories as to the meaning of Jeep and how it came to be, the best of them rooted in military lingo. While the official Jeep moniker wasn’t used until the 1950s, as early as WWI, jeep was used as a slang term for new soldiers and untested vehicles. While working for Willys-Overland (the original owner of Jeep) during WWII, an engineer claimed to have picked it up from the soldiers while testing a prototype.


A related but different theory is that jeep is derived from the early Ford military vehicle, the Ford GP, where “jeep” is the sounding out of the letters “GP” which stands for General Purpose (although it is also debated whether GP stood for general purpose at all).


Another strong theory, because they also share a motto (go anywhere and do anything), is that Jeep is after Eugene the Jeep, the dog/cat hybrid pet from Popeye. The name Jeep and the cartoon were both incredibly popularized during WWII.


Likely it is the above three theories culminating that lead to the coining of the Jeep name brand.


Though an anagram based theory also persists: that JEEP stands for “just enough essential parts”. While this may be true for the early versions of Jeep’s military vehicles and perhaps the base trim Wrangler even of today, this is certainly not a reflection of the robust Jeep line-up or the luxury trim levels now available.


Who Owns Jeep?


Up until very recently, Jeep was a part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group. In early 2021 FCA and Peugeot (Groupe PSA) merged to form Stellantis - which now serves as the umbrella company for all brands that formerly existed separately. Stellantis itself is not a vehicle Make (unlike Fiat, Chrysler and Peugeot) and there are no plans to use the Stellantis name except at corporate level - so don’t worry, the iconic Jeep branding remains as it is.


Are Jeep Wrangler(s) Reliable?


Built to be enjoyed as an off-road vehicle, Wrangler fans absolutely love it’s durability according to MotorBiscuit. What is difficult about answering this question is the typical use (and abuse) of the Jeep Wrangler which means repair costs are hardly apples to apples with other road bound SUVs (some of the other vehicles in this class are the Nissan Rogue, Kia Sorento, Toyota Rav4 and Honda CRV for instance). However, even given this, the RepairPal reliability rating for the Jeep Wrangler is above average and its average yearly repair cost is considered average - major repairs are not considered common for the Wrangler.


So yes, the simple answer is, the Jeep Wrangler is definitely reliable.


To further illustrate the point, the MotorBiscuit list of top 10 SUVs with the lowest depreciation has the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and Jeep Wrangler listed as the number one and two spots respectively. There is a direct correlation between retention value and reliability where vehicles that have long term reliability have higher resale value.


2021-jeep interior


Where are Jeeps Made?


The majority of the Jeep line-up is made in the United States (with the exclusion of a few component parts and the following models: Renegade, Compass and a foreign version of the Cherokee).


There are 10 plants total that produce Jeeps, 3 of which are in the US with the others being in Italy, Brazil, China, India and Mexico to support international growth of the brand.


Are Jeeps Good on Gas?


With a pretty robust line-up of vehicles (and of course many model years as well), this isn’t a simple question to answer (without an extensive chart like the government regulated one found through NRCan).


The quickest way to get information on gas consumption for all of our new cars is by clicking on the Print Window Label button from the vehicle detail page of the car you are interested in/looking at (example below):



Here is where you will see the government’s EnerGuide rating (example below).




Another great way to learn about the gas mileage ratings of the Jeep(s) you are interested in is to reach out to one of our Product Advisors at


What is a Jeep Wave?


This answer has two very different parts as it can have two very different meanings:


  • The Jeep wave is a way to acknowledge another Jeep driver in solidarity with a motion of the hand; some just a finger or two from the steering wheel and some with a whole hand out the window. Jeep drivers feel a kinship with one another and this is a way to express it


  • The Jeep Wave Customer Care program is a loyalty program for Grand Cherokee owners at no extra cost that gives you perks and benefits including complimentary maintenance, added vehicle protection and some exclusive VIP access


Are Jeep Wrangler(s) warm in Winters?


Conceived of with off-roading capabilities in mind, there is no concern regarding winter drivability for the Wrangler - however, many wonder will a vehicle built for durability and off-roading also be warm enough for cold winter driving? Luckily, the answer is a resounding, “yes”. While it is true the Wrangler isn’t as air tight as some other Jeep models built for the road, it has always had a heating system to ensure its passengers get warm quickly and stay warm. The newest Jeep Wranglers (2019 and onward) even have a few extra measures to keep you toasty, like available heated steering wheel and heated seats.


You might also be curious if the soft top, not just the hard top, will be suitable to keep you warm in the winter - and while the hard top will certainly do a better job of insulating you from the cold, the soft top is also suitable for winter driving, even with temperatures well below freezing as long as your heating system is fully functional.




How to Change Soft Top to Hard Top on Jeep Wrangler?


If your vehicle is a transitional Jeep (intended to go from Soft to Hard top) the best instructions are those for your specific year/model - you may even have a tool kit that was included to assist with the swap - however all transitional Jeeps will have similar directions. Here is a basic step by step:


Remove the Soft Top:


  • Carefully unzip/unsnap your soft windows
  • Unlatch the soft top at the front of the vehicle’s roof, pull the top back over and then down off the hood
  • Unbolt the frame and remove any snapped in pieces carefully from to disconnect the top from the frame
  • Carefully remove and store the soft top


Put on the Hard Top:


  • Place the hard top on top of the roof
  • Reconnect any electrical wires and water hose
  • Bolt the hard top back into place and be mindful not to over tighten or they could crack or damage your hard top leading to issues such as leaks
  • Snap the freedom panels back into the designated areas above the passenger and driver’s seats


There are some great YouTube videos available (look for ones specific to your model/year) if you are a visual learner or of course reach out to us at if you require assistance removing/replacing/changing your soft/hard top and one of our Service Advisors will be happy to help!


Remember, this can be a two (or even three person job) so never hesitate to contact us for support!




Do Jeep Renegade(s) Hold Their Value?


MotorBiscuit ranked the Jeep Renegade 7th in the top 10 SUVs with the lowest depreciation. Having great resale value is important when considering purchasing a new or used vehicle because not only does it mean you will retain more money if/when you choose to sell, but typically there is a relationship between resale value and reliability where a vehicle with high resale indicates a vehicle that is known to be reliable over time.


Fun fact: that same MotorBiscuit top 10 SUVs with the lowest depreciation list had the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the Jeep Wrangler listed as the number one and two spots respectively!


Have more questions about Jeep? Now that your questions are answered, can’t wait to get into your new (or new to you) Jeep? We are here to help! Reach out to our Product Advisors, Service Advisors and/or check out our available inventory at


-Author Bio-
Sharon Pinfold has been in the automotive industry since 2005. She has worked in the Service Department, Leasing Department and as a New/Used Car Sales Person for domestic, foreign and luxury brands. Most recently, she worked for an Agency that provided digital advertising and website solutions to the automotive sector.




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