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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Jeep At A Jeep Dealership

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Jeep At A Jeep Dealership

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Jeeps are without a doubt one of the most fun and popular vehicle brands out there. A Jeep shows off your adventurous wild side. A Jeep is for adventuring, whether you’re driving off-road through the mud or going for a road trip with the family. Since the mid-1940s, the Jeep brand became the favorite “Go Anywhere. Do Anything” vehicle for people all over the globe. The Jeep legacy continues to live on as people visit their local Jeep dealership to find the latest new and used Jeeps.

While Jeeps provide all the fun and adventure a vehicle can offer, there’s more to them than just their rugged looks. Their 4x4 technology lets you safely drive through almost anything—both on-road and off. The Jeep’s reliability and updated safety features keep you and your passengers safe for any adventure.

No matter the time of year or weather, a Jeep is the perfect vehicle for you. Are you considering joining the Jeep family? Check out the best Jeeps you can buy at your Jeep dealership.

Finding the Right Jeep at a Jeep Dealership

Shopping at a Jeep dealership for your next Jeep or vehicle is a smart choice. Dealerships offer both new and used vehicles with the option to buy or lease a new car. A Jeep dealership will provide you with reliable information and up-to-date service for your new Jeep.

Here’s how to find the right Jeep for you at your local Toronto Jeep dealership.

Why Do You Want a Jeep?

Why do you want a Jeep? This is the first question everyone should ask themselves before purchasing a new vehicle. Knowing why you want a Jeep will help you decide which model is best for you.

If you’re looking for a fun, classic, and stylish Jeep you’ll be taking off-road, start with the Jeep Wranglers. If you need a reliable Jeep that can fit the whole family, a Compass, Cherokee or Renegade make excellent options.

When you head to the Jeep dealership, have your reasons for wanting or needing a new Jeep ready to go. You’ll be sure to find the right Jeep for you.

Jeep Size

This goes hand-in-hand with why you want a Jeep. Many models, like the Wrangler, for example, have different sub-models. These can come in 2-door and 4-door options, with the 4-door consisting of extra space.

Other Jeeps, such as the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and 4-door Wrangler have the largest trunks space. Those planning to do a lot of camping or need extra space to haul things will want a larger model Jeep.

Don't need a spacious trunk? Then a small classic Jeep, like the 2-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, is a fantastic compact option.


New Jeeps are not cheap. Even used Jeeps hold their value. As a rule of thumb, if you have a budget, try to stick to it.

The price of new Jeeps ranges from around $23,000 to over $40,000. Of course, this depends on the Jeep model and packages you add.

When visiting a Jeep dealership, knowing and sticking to your budget will help you find a quality vehicle you can afford. However, settling with something you’re just “okay” with isn’t good. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while and getting the Jeep that will make you happy.

Jeeps You Can Find at Your Jeep Dealership

At a Jeep dealership, you’ll find new Jeeps and possibly some used Jeeps. If the dealership doesn’t have a particular new Jeep in stock, they’ll be more than happy to order it for you. Plus you can customize it to fit your needs.

Used Jeeps have a nostalgic appearance some people crave. However, used Jeeps are more difficult to come by. If a dealer happens to have a certified preowned one, there’s guarantee it’s in great shape or fits your needs and wants.

That said, here are the latest Jeeps you can expect to find at any Jeep dealership.

The Jeep Wrangler

Ah, the traditional, head-turning, all-terrain Jeep. The Jeep Wrangler is the most well-known sports utility vehicle (SUV) on the road.

It’s a descendant of the original Jeep CJ (Civilian Jeep) line. Today, the newest Jeep Wranglers are in the 4th generation of Wranglers, which is the JL line.

The Jeep Wrangler’s charm and driving capabilities make outweigh any efficiency concerns and on-road driving abilities. All Wranglers are complete with 4 wheel drive and high clearance to make off-road driving and driving inclement weather easy.

You can find both 2-door and 4-door options in the Wrangler series. The 2-door option is available only in the Rubicon, Sport, and Sport S trims.

Engine options include the base 3.6-liter V6 and a turbocharged in-line four mild hybrid 2.0-liter. The V6 has a 6-speed manual option.

There are 7 main Wrangler models, each one designed with a specific purpose.

The Wrangler Sport

This barebones model is the most affordable Wrangler. The Wrangler Sport branded the X model from 2007-2010 until Jeep brought the Sport name back in 2011.

It comes in 2-door and 4-door options, both under $30,000. The Sport models come with standard steel wheels, a stereo system, and optional air conditioning. All come with a standard soft top but have the option to upgrade to a hardtop.

The Jeep Wrangler Sport S interior comes with air conditioning, chrome accents, and alloy wheels.

The Wrangler Rubicon

Are you looking for the most rugged off-roading vehicle? Look no further, as this flagship Wrangler model has everything you need for off-roading.

For improved traction and control, the Rubicon comes equipped with 17” alloy wheels with 32” BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires. It’s also equipped with a stronger improved Dana 44 front axel versus the regular Dana 30. The new springs allow for greater ground clearance and the sway bar is electronically disconnected improving off-road driving abilities.

The Rubicon comes standard with a superior sound system, touch screen, and leather seat options. The combination of comfort with rugged all-terrain driving makes this Wrangler model a favorite for outdoor adventurists.

The Wrangler Sahara

The Sahara comes with everything found in the Sport S package but with a few upgrades. Style and comfort are at the forefront of design with the Wrangler Sahara.

Upgrades include 18” wheels for greater ground-clearance, fender flares, and a color-matching hardtop. The upgraded sound system comes with Alpine speakers. Finally, you can choose to have a leather interior and LED accent lighting.

With the iconic Jeep Wrangler, you can join in on the Jeep wave when you’re out adventuring or running errands.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

In 2011, the 4th generation Grand Cherokee launched and is one of the top-selling midsize SUVs.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee melds the classic Jeep style with a modern-looking sleek body style. Inside, you’ll find a leather interior, Bluetooth, and wood trim. The Grand Cherokee comes with 4 wheel drive and rear-wheel drive options.

Under the hood, the Grand Cherokee doesn’t mess around. The base model comes with a 295-hp 3.6-liter V6 engine while upper trims have V8 options. The upper-end V8 engines include a 475-hp 6.4-liter engine, a 5.7-liter engine, and a supercharged 707-hp 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engine.

Linke the Wrangler, the Cherokee has superb handling when it comes to off-road adventures.

With the supercharged Hemi, you can go from 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds.

Additional Grand Cherokee trims include:

  • Altitude
  • High Altitude
  • Laredo
  • Laredo E
  • Limited
  • Limited X
  • Overland
  • SRT (4WD only)
  • Summit
  • Trailhawk (4WD only)
  • Trackhawk (4WD only)
  • Upland

Each of the trims offers more interior comforts such as leather interior, touch screen, and advanced safety features. Your local Jeep dealership can share more features and trim options with you.

The Laredo, Limited, Summit, and Overland come standard with rear-wheel drive with options to upgrade to 4-wheel drive. The Grand Cherokees equipped with V8 engines can tow up 7,200 pounds.

With the many Grand Cherokee styles, it mixes the right amount of comfort with rugged off-roading capabilities.

Jeep Cherokee

The revitalized 5th-generation Jeep Cherokee is a modern compact crossover. In 2013, Jeep decided to end the Liberty line and brought back the Cherokee.

The traditional Cherokees boasted a boxy look with the trusted off-road capabilities you find in the Wrangler. The current generation of Cherokees received a major facelift around 2019, shocking many Jeep fans. Today, they sport a sleek modern look similar to many competitor SUVs on the roads.

The Cherokee has a creased 7-slot grille, 2 tier headlights, and a rounded shape. Beneath the new looks, the Cherokee continues to meet all-terrain needs with it’s 3 4-wheel drive options including a system that turns on when detecting any tire slipping or spinning. Another has a lower gearing and locking differential for traction through any elements on-road and off that may come your way.

As for the engine, you can choose between a 2.4L 4-cylinder or 3.2L V6. Both engines are automatic.

The Cherokee features:

  • Altitude
  • High Altitude
  • Latitude
  • Latitude Plus
  • Limited
  • Overland
  • Trailhawk (4WD)
  • Trailhawk Elite (4WD)
  • Upland (4WD)

The Limited and Latitude options are great for on-road while the Trailhawk is the Cherokee go-to for off-road adventures.

Jeep Compass

This compact Jeep SUV is the sister to the discontinued Jeep Patriot but offers better features. Seating in this model may appear more cramped, but the Compass features a spacious cargo area even though it’s smaller than the Patriot.

The 2016 redesign gave the Compass a sleek modern look similar to the Cherokee. The Jeep Compass is the perfect option for people looking for a Jeep for cruising urban terrain. But when fitted with the Freedom Drive II system, it can tackle some trails, snow, and mud.

Under the hood, the Compass runs a 180-hp 2.4L inline-four "Tigershark” engine. If you don’t need the extra power other Jeeps provide, the Compass makes a decent city Jeep.

Jeep Renegade

Of the vehicles in the Jeep lineup, the 2021 Jeep Renegade is the most compact and small Jeep you can find. This Italian inspired model manufactured outside of the US models after the Fiat.

But the Renegade keeps up with the other Jeeps with its off-road capabilities and iconic Jeep look. This crossover features a Selec-Terrain system with traction control presets for any terrain. You can choose from the turbocharged 1.4L 4-cylinder or 2.4L Tigershark engines.

The interior features classy-vintage styling such as topographic map patterns on the seats. The dash has a“Since 1941” mark, and plenty of entertainment controls.

The Renegade Latitude and Limited are great options for city driving while the Trailhawk lets you explore off-road. The Trailhawk has a 0.8 suspension lift, tow hooks, and skid plates for improved off-road exploring.

Talk with a Jeep dealership to find the right Renegade options to fit your Jeep needs.

Jeep Gladiator

You may have heard about it. You might have seen one in the wild.

The Jeep Gladiator combines the iconic Jeep Wrangler with truck elements to get this midsized pickup. This rugged combination makes the Gladiator the best off-road midsize truck on the market.

The Gladiator capabilities include Jeep 4-wheel drive, water fording capabilities, and high ground clearance. You’ll find there’s almost no off-road obstacle too big for the Gladiator.

The engine is a 285-hp 3.6L V6 with the ability to tow 7,650-pounds. A diesel turbocharged V6 is in the works and will be coming out within the next year. Each trim lets your pick between the 8-speed automatic or the 6-speed manual transmissions.

Interior features include a large touchscreen display, cloth or leather trim, and a portable rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. You can access the Gladiator remotely on your mobile phone.

The Gladiator comes in: Sport, Sport S, Rubicon, and Overland trims. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for your outdoor needs.

Get A Jeep Today

With the complete Jeep lineup, there’s a Jeep for everyone. Visit your local Toronto Jeep dealership to learn more about the newest Jeeps and how you can join the Jeep family.

Have questions or want to test drive a Jeep today? Let us know! We’ll show you the latest Jeep models and help you find the right Jeep for you!

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